Article: 10 K-Dramas To Watch After Glory

The Glory has been on everyone’s watchlist since its trailer has been out. As it’s over but its craze is still there. There are many exciting kdramas to add on your watch list which one can watch after watching The Glory and missing it.

1. Revenge Of Others

This is a school-based kdrama where a boy fights for them as they face bullying but can neither complain nor fight back. This show also highlights the flaws in the judicial system in protecting their students. This show mainly points out the real-life issues that arise from the negligence of the system towards their students, which leads to further problems in their lives. This thriller drama wins hearts because of its relatability.

2. My Name

Starring Han Soe Hee, this murder riddle kdrama revolves around how she's bullied and also substantiations her father's murder which latterly in life becomes her life's sole charge to find the killer.

3. Taxi Driver

The production team and performers involved in this Korean drama handled the tale engagingly. Kim Do-gi (Lee Je-hoon), a cab firm driver, is the gripping story's subject. It could appear straightforward, but the business caters to individuals seeking retribution. In this drama, Do-gi deals with a lot of instances that are based on true stories. One of these is the Cho Doo Soon case, which included releasing a renowned child rapist from custody and sparked fierce public outcry. In 2023, the second season of this hugely popular crime drama will air.

4. Lawless Lawyer

This kdrama revolves around a gangster lawyer and an attorney who seek to avenge their mother's death. This show is very captivating and portrays the theme of revenge through justice and making illegal things right in a legal way.

5. Eve

With the death of her scientist father, Eve plans to take revenge on one of the wealthiest families in South Korea.

6. Vincenzo

This show is about a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer who was betrayed by her mafia family and came to Korea to claim the gold but embarks on his journey to protect the building from the powerful business group. This show is revengeful and funny at times, but a must-watch.

7. Penthouse Series

This show centres on rich people living in Seoul constantly competing with each other, especially in sending their kids to the top educational institutions. This series then focuses on how a girl from a low-income family competes with their students to have a better life, leading to her life and revenge on others. The series is still on.

8. The World Of The Married

A happily married couple living with their son, the wife soon discovers that her husband, a doctor, is having an extramarital affair and plans to confront him red-handed but decides to keep her son out of all this and takes vengeance from both of them.

9. Reborn Rich

This is a revenge show based on the incarnation, when an honest employee is murdered by one of the family members but takes a rebirth in their family as their youngest son. This is an ongoing show where people are hooked up to it.

10. Graceful Family

In this show, a teenage girl is forced to move abroad by her father after the murder of her mother. After 15 years, she is back and is cold-hearted and arrogant and wants to know the truth behind her mother's death and is seeking revenge.