Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas Featuring Fake Marriages

Thai dramas are known for their lighthearted romantic comedies and intriguing revenge drama plots. Fake marriages have been a common trope in dramas for ages due to the exciting twists they create, the underlying misunderstandings and the slow burn of the romance. Thai dramas have also mastered their way around such seemingly sham unions, which ultimately trap both parties into a destiny of falling in love. Here are 10 Thai Dramas featuring Fake Marriages, which are as entertaining as they are heavy on the plot.

1. Jao Sao Jamloei

This Drama is also known as The Bride Defendant. It is a 17-episode drama that was released in 2020. It is a romance drama with themes of fake marriage and revenge. Jan is a woman of royal descent who is forced to marry a man much older than her to clear the debts owed by the family. Thus, Jan runs away before her wedding. On the way, she stumbles upon a young man who offers her help in exchange for a fake marriage. He wants to marry her for a year to be elevated to royal status.

2. Mia Jumpen

Mia Jumpen or Wife on Duty is a comedic series released 2021 as a 15-episode Thai drama. It is fun and the perfect romantic comedy to binge. The story is about a love story that forms between a maid for hire and a CEO who keep finding their ways to each other and bonding over their love for Thai dramas. A misunderstanding causes the CEO to mistake the maid as his betrothed, and in fear of punishment, the maid plays along during the scene. Later, it proves to have been a mistake on her part because the actual betrothed forces the maid to keep pretending to be her and marry the CEO.

3. Rahut Rissaya

Also known as The Envy Code, Rahut Rissaya is another famous Thai lakorn featuring a fake marriage and revenge. The plot follows a 17-episode journey of an heiress who goes from riches to rags overnight, with her parent's death and her aunt overtaking and selling all her inherited assets.  Understanding that her father's death couldn't have been a coincidence, she digs deeper into the case, which leads her to a suspicious man. She forcefully marries Siwa, her cruel cousin's boyfriend, to find out more about this man, who was Siwa's father.

4. Sapai TKO

Sapai TKO is also called Bride in Disguise, a 2019 Thai romantic comedy with an exciting fake marriage plot. The story is about a poor girl who is plagued by loan sharks day and night and a rich man who decides to help her in exchange for an act of marriage. The poor girl, Rakfah's brother, steals the rich man Ravit's wallet, but Rakfah saves him, which brings them closer. Later, when he goes to her house to get his wallet, he gets badly involved with the shady loan sharks. Seeing an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, he marries Rakfah to calm his mother (who wants him to settle down) and pay off Rakfah's debt. He does this by entering into a contractual marriage with her.

5. Poobao Indy Yayee Inter

If you enjoy romantic comedies with insane chemistry between the leads, Poobao Indy Yayee Inter or Indy Boyfriend Inter Darling is the drama for you. It features a leading couple constantly at each other's throats but must enter into a marriage to help each other escape certain dire situations.  The woman is a spoilt heiress who loses all her inheritance to her family and moves to the countryside with her aunt, and the man is a police officer who wants to avoid getting married to a pair of sisters. Their contractual marriage starts with both being in a bad relationship but ends in a sweet romance.

6. Jao Sao Jum Yorm

Also known as When I Marry a Stranger, the drama Jao Sao Jum Yorm is a lakorn with 16 episodes of romance and melodrama. The "marriage" of the main couple is a misunderstanding. They get stood up by their finances on their wedding days and find each other incidentally. Knowing each other's pains the best, they try to drink and forget it all, but the people at the bar congratulate them on their marriage. Finding it funny, they pretend to be a couple and even sleep together while drunk. Conversely, their lives become increasingly intertwined, and love sparks to make them forget the old pains.

7. Tur Keu Prom Likit

Tur Keu Prom Likit or You're My Destiny, is a 17-episode romantic comedy lakorn adapted from the Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You. When a pushover secretary and a hotshot CEO are tangled up in a child conceived out of wedlock, they have no choice but to set up a contractual marriage to protect each other's reputation. The CEO was drugged, and the secretary had taken some cold medicine that made her highly unstable. Their actions were an accident, but they decided to walk the path of consequence, which led to a striking live story.

8. Ra Rerng Fai

Rapturous Friends or Ra Rerng Fai is a drama that aired 14 episodes in 2017 as a romance drama with revenge and fake marriage themes. It is a story about Chakrit and Yada, who are tied by ill fate; they enter into a messy and reluctant marriage. Chakrit has spent a long time taking revenge on Yada's family members for wrongfully accusing his father of crimes that led to his imprisonment. It is an attempt to bring his destructive ways under control that makes Yada decide on the marriage. Chakrit, on the other hand, does it to hurt both Yada's father and sister. Their relationship is messy and intense, but it is a good watch.

9. Koo Za Rot Sab

Koo Za Rot Sad, or Spicy Flavour of Love, is another funny romantic comedy that will make you laugh and cry simultaneously. When Rose's family goes into debt, she decides to do anything to get their business back on its feet. A marriage proposition comes for her when her family reaches out to their family friend for help. The debt will be paid if she marries Korn, a playboy with no purpose in life who just wants to sleep around. Both of them get married for some personal gain, but soon, they start falling for each other.

10. Princess Hours

Another romantic comedy featuring fake marriages is Princess Hours, a 20-episode lakorn that revolves around the fictional country of Bhutin. The Crown Prince of the country gets rejected by his love, which makes him want to marry whoever his father chooses for him. His father chose a woman who is a member of the family of his royal guard in an attempt to keep the promise of unification of their families. The Prince and Kanning, the female relative of the guard, enter into an arranged marriage to comply with the royal orders. However, to everyone's delight, they do end up falling in love with each other!