Article: Top 10 Devastating C-Dramas When You Want To Cry

Have you ever had days when you want to watch a gut-wrenching piece of media and cry to sleep? It is always strange to want to be hurt by fiction since fiction is supposed to be an escape, but there are moments when the heart wants what it wants. Chinese Dramas, especially fantasy dramas, are known for having heavy plotlines and doomed love stories. Even if the ending is happy, sometimes these dramas make us brawl our eyes out. Following are ten such dramas you can consider watching when you want to feel your heart break several times through the watching session.

1. Goodbye My Princess

Goodbye My Princess is a story about the hardships of a beloved Princess who is forced to marry an unwilling Crown Prince. She leaves her house to travel to the foreign Eastern Palace, full of dangers and dark mysteries waiting to unfold. She goes from a life of love and cherishing to pain, sadness and risks. The story is dark, sad, and a tear-jerker.

2. Till The End Of The Moon

What happens if the two people are destined to fall in love in three lifetimes but never find fulfilment in either? The Devil God resurfaces in the world to destroy everyone and bring the world back to chaos. A member of the immortal sect, Li Susu, is sent back to the past to kill him before he transforms into the Devil God. When she travels back in time, she finds him a weak mortal on the verge of death and pledges to save his life to prevent the Devil God from taking over his body. In the process, the two fall into a love that is doomed beyond recovery.

3. My Dear Guardian

My Dear Guardian is a 2021 drama starring Johnny Huang and Li Qin. The story is set in a military camp where the male lead is a cold-hearted man who was forced to shut his heart to all feelings of love, affection and attachment to prevent the hurt he experienced previously. On the other hand, the female lead is a medic at the site who is constantly in touch with the military, doing emergency surgeries, treatments and all she can to save the soldiers. The two somehow fall in love, and we see it bloom amidst the devastation surrounding them.

4. Ashes Of Love

If you like xianxia stories with love trails, then Ashes of Love is the one for you. The story is of a princess born with the fate of going through a love trial following that of her mother. Realising it, her mother feeds her the loveless pill and hides her away from the world. It is not until she meets an injured, foreign man in her realm that she courageously asks him to take him out of her miserable confinement. This, at once, starts her trial as she soon finds herself caught at the centre of a war over her between two men and their respective troops. It's not until her death that they stop.

5. Legend Of Fuyao

The Legend of Fuyao follows the story of Fuyao, an orphaned woman who was taken in by a sect as a servant. For ages, she's been considered cursed because misfortune follows her wherever she goes. After some massive tragedies, she decides to take matters into her own hands and travel to look for a cure for her curse.

6. Love And Redemption

Love and Redemption is a story about the God of War and the Star of Mosha, who are entangled in a fated love connection despite restrictions placed on them. Both of them reincarnate and cross paths with each other at a martial arts tournament. When Xi Feng, the reincarnation of the God of War, returns to his sect, he is punished for breaking the laws of the tournament. A mask is placed on his face, potentially harming his internal workings. This hinders the love story until years later when they meet again; with it, various conspiracies and dark secrets start getting exposed.

7. The Promise Of Chang'An

If ill-fated love stories are your jam, then The Promise of Chang'an is for you. In it, a young lady is tricked into a marriage with the King due to rumours that the man she loved, also the 9th prince of the palace, had been killed. It's too late when she learns he is alive, and she has a husband and a child with another man. The story is complicated and upsetting and will make your tears pour.

8. The Little Nyonya

The Little Nyonya is a 2020 drama series starring Xiao Yan and Ryan Kou. The story follows the journey of a woman born as a Nyonya and ventures out to become a successful businessman. However, her life is full of hardships and trials which define her desire to break through.

9. Shining For One Thing

Shining For One Thing is a sad story about a woman, Lin Beixing, dumped by her fiance after decades of dating. Devastated but unwilling to let go, she invites him to their old school, where their love first bloomed. There, under mysterious circumstances, she travels back when she was set to take her college entrance exams. This time, she decides to avoid Zhan Yu, her future fiance. However, another encounter sets off a different direction for her life instead.

10. Don't Forget My Love

Don't Forget My Love is a 2022 Chinese drama featuring historical settings and romance, starring Lin Ze Hui, Zhu Li Lan, and Chen Mo. The three of them get caught in a fierce court ordeal and decide to escape together. They fall into a love triangle that makes things difficult for them. Eventually, in anticipation of a return, they look for clues that could subdue the court in their country and uncover dark and concealed secrets.