Article: Ten Wooks Of The Korean Industry

Korean actors have common surnames. But there are some actors who share a part of their name with other actors. A common name among some of the top actors is Wook. The word ‘Wook’ means ‘sunrise’ and these actors indeed live up to their name.

1. Ji Chang Wook 

Ji Chang Wook is one of the most popular global stars. He was once stereotyped to action dramas but he has now explored a variety of characters. Some of his famous shows are ‘Healer,’ ‘K2,’ ‘Suspicious Partner,’ and ‘If you Wish upon me.’


2. Kim Jae Wook

Kim Jae Wook has acted in rom-coms like ‘Her Private Life,’ ‘Coffee Prince,’ and ‘Crazy Love.’ He played the antagonist in ‘Voice.’ Kim Jae Wook is also a model and a stage actor. His fashion sense is popular among viewers.


3. Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook is popular for his supernatural roles and fans address him as the ‘Grim reaper.’ He has acted in several dramas like ‘Hotel King,’ ‘Guardian: The lonely and great god,’ and ‘Touch Your Heart.’ He has also tried different characters in ‘Strangers from Hell’ and ‘Bad and Crazy.’


4. Ahn Jae Wook

Ahn Jae Wook is one of the most versatile actors in this list. He scared people by playing a serial killer in the thriller series ‘Mouse.’ Some of his shows that viewers can enjoy watching are, ‘Lights and Shadows,’ ‘ Five Enough,’ and ‘The Empire.’


5. Shin Dong Wook 

Shin Dong Wook has been acting for a long time but had taken a break due to an illness. He gained more popularity after his hiatus and fans are excited to watch him as a lead. He has starred in dramas like, ‘Dr. Romantic 2,’ ‘My Unfamiliar Family,’ and ‘Woori the Virgin.’


6. Lee Jae Wook 

Lee Jae Wook is one of the young actors who has gained attention for his acting skills. After a series of supporting roles he played the lead in ‘Extraordinary You,’ ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol,’ and ‘Alchemy of Souls.’ Lee Jae Wook is also a popular model.


7. Kim Wook

This young actor has been playing short supporting roles for the last few years, but thanks to the fans on internet he has gained immense popularity. If you want to watch Kim Wook’s short and sweet appearances, check, ‘Melting me softly,’ ‘The King: Eternal Monarch,’ and ‘Bad Papa.’


8. Kim Dong Wook

Kim Dong Wook has proved his talent over the years and is finally getting the fame he deserves. Some of his shows that are binge-worthy are ‘The Guest,’ ‘You Are My Spring,’ ‘Find me in your Memory,’ ‘Special Labour Inspector,’ and ‘The King of Pigs.’


9. Lee Jin Wook

Lee Jin Wook is one of the underrated actors of the Korean industry. His dramas have a good storyline and great acting. If you are his fan after watching ‘Sweet Home,’ some of his other dramas are ‘Voice 2-3,’ ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Soul,’ and ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell.’


10. Joo Sang Wook

Joo Sang Wook recently won the Grand Prize for his show, ‘The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won.’ This proves his versatility. Other shows to watch Joo Sang Wook on are, ‘Good Doctor,’ ‘Birth of a Beauty,’ ‘Grand Prince,’ ‘Giant,’ and ‘Fates and Furies.’