Article: Top 10 K-pop Idols Who Have Impressed With Their Incredible Cooking Skills

We have only ever witnessed K-pop stars on stage who were talented in acting, dancing, singing, and rapping. However, you'll be astounded by how talented a cook they are as well.  Because of their many on-stage abilities, idols always attract admiration because of their immense brilliance. These idols, however, are also exceptionally talented off the stage. The performance and culinary skills of these idols astound their admirers! You will drool over everything they cook because of their talent as a chef. And make you hanker after even a bite of it. Any food they provide will be delicious for us. Let's look at the top 10 K-pop idols who have been impressed with their incredible cooking skills.

1. BTS’s Jin 

Jin has decided to cook for himself and his group members because of his intense love of food. Fans are constantly amazed by his cooking abilities because he opted to learn how to make his favorite meals to further his passion. Since Jin has a show called Eat Jin, this man truly loves to eat. Jin can develop his skill further, even if he views cooking as only a pastime.


2. Red Velvet’s Wendy 

Wendy loves to bake, as Red Velvet devotees may attest. She is a talented cook who frequently bakes little delicacies for her group members, managers, and occasionally even other idols. Her specialty may be sweets, but she is the most excellent cook in her group and has demonstrated incredible skill with ordinary meals. Wendy appears natural in the kitchen and has a solid grasp of preparing sweets if you've ever watched her cooking.


3. Seventeen’s Mingyu

Mingyu from SEVENTEEN is renowned for being adept at all household work, including cleaning. But cooking is where he excels. On the group's variety show, One Fine Day, Mingyu has shown a tremendous aptitude for cooking! He is the group's cook, and the food he prepares always looks delectable! The fact that he can transform the dish into something elegant and make a dish using components he had never used before attests to Mingyu's culinary prowess!


4. EXO’s D.O.

D.O., a member of EXO, is regarded as the team's chef in-residence. He's created some incredible dishes, and he frequently says that if he weren't an idol, he would be seeking a profession as a chef. On EXO Showtime, he displayed his talent, and on V Live, he presented a food demonstration. D.O. previously took several cooking classes and earned a degree in Korean cooking.


5. Miss A’s Fei

Fei's reputation as an idol and a fantastic cook is likely equally well-known. She got the top spot-on Master Chef Korea: Celebrity, and since then, she's demonstrated her skills on several cooking shows. Unbelievably, her culinary talents are on par with those of chefs.


6. NCT 127’s Taeyong

Chef Taeyong from NCT 127 has a ton of talent! Taeyong is frequently a member of NCT who prepares meals for the rest of his group on cuisine and reality programs. And we will concur that his meals appear to be proficient, restaurant-quality fare after witnessing them!


7. Henry Lau

Henry Lau was formerly a member of the renowned K-pop group Super Junior-M. In addition to his musical and linguistic skills, he is a top-notch cook. Henry excels in cooking and is a talented singer, dancer, actor, and musician. He had expert training from prominent chefs before being cast in the leading role in the film Final Recipe. There he mastered outstanding culinary techniques and recipes with an emphasis on Chinese cuisine.


8. SHINee's Key

Key developed a passion for food and learned how to cook to keep himself in top shape. The SHINee member can prepare a variety of Western-style dishes as well as meals for weight loss. He even had a starring role in his Mnet program Key's Knowhow, where he demonstrated how to make various cuisines, including green curry. It seems incredible, but Key specializes in making fantastic bento boxes.


9. BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim

Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK, is a sweetheart who loves to cook! She has repeatedly demonstrated her abilities, including cooking for her friends and creating macarons for BLINKs!


10. ATEEZ's Wooyoung 

Wooyoung has showcased his culinary talents in ATEEZ YouTube videos. In the dorm, Wooyoung appears to be the chef. He frequently utilizes the other members as tasters because they seem to value his cooking abilities too. His passion for food is well-known to his fans. In addition, he once stated that if he weren't an idol, he would like to work as a chef.