Article: Ten K-Dramas Where Women Seek Revenge

Female leads are no more timid or play damsels in distress. They know that the only person who can help them is themselves. Whether it's for the pain caused to them or to their loved ones, women who have vowed revenge don't forget it. Here is a list of women who do not spare the evil.

1. Whisper

Shin Young Joo’s father is accused of murder. She gets to know that the judge who took his case was also involved in trapping her father and has quit his job. Without hesitating, she decides to uncover the truth and starts her revenge by joining the corporation where the judge now works after quitting.

2. The Glory

A group of friends harass their classmate, Moon Dong Eun, which leads her to quit school. Years later, the bullies are leading the lives they imagined but have complicated relationships with each other. Moon Dong Eun, who has been plotting revenge for a long time enters their lives again. But this time, not as a victim.

3. My Name

A young girl, Yoon Ji Woo, witnesses her father’s murder. Not able to identify the killer, she seeks help from a gangster, who is her father’s friend. To get revenge, she decides to work for him in secret by joining the police force.

4. Revenge Of Others

This high-school revenge drama is about Ok Chan Mi who transfers to a new school. Her twin brother is suspected of having committed suicide at this school, but she believes that he was murdered. But her journey to find the murderer has a lot of hurdles.

5. Graceful Family

As a teenager, Mo Seok Hee, the heiress to a large company leaves her home after her mother’s murder. After many years, she is no longer the helpless young girl who couldn’t find out what happened to her mother. She returns to claim what is hers and get justice for her mother.

6. The Goddess Of Revenge

A false scandal ruins the life of Kang Hae Ra. Her life as an influencer reporter is changed as the scandal defames her. Not wanting to forgive the ones who made this happen, Kang Hae Ra decides to hunt them down and get her revenge.

7. Gracious Revenge

Han Yu Jin is not just a daughter to her mother, but a weapon for revenge. She was raised with this attitude all her life and comes to Korea to fulfil her mother’s desire for revenge. As Han Yu Jin falls in love she realises that her mother has secrets she should never have known.

8. Eve

Lee La El once had happiness, wealth and peace. But her life was destroyed the day her father was killed. She decides not to let go of the people who did this and years later approaches one of them. She chooses to start an affair with this man to ruin him.

9. Mine

Top actress Seo Hi Soo retires from the entertainment industry to marry her lover, a chaebol. She takes on the duties of the family as the second daughter-in-law. A tutor who enters their house starts causing havoc in her life. The rest of the story is about who is seeking revenge against whom.

10. Temptation Of Wife

Goo Eun Jae decides to give up her dream to become a make-up artist due to an accidental pregnancy. Her married life turns into a hoax when she gets to know that her husband is cheating on her. His partner is none other than the woman who grew up with Goo Eun Jae for years. She decides to make them repent for the state they have put her in.