Article: Top 10 Revenge Dramas Of Thai

Thai dramas are top-notch when it comes to one defining trope- revenge. Be it horror, drama, adventure, or mystery shows, the revenge element almost brings everything together perfectly and is singular to Thai dramas only. It leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, anticipating the lead's next move in their giant scheme to avenge a loved one and we often cheer for the same. Beginners to Thai culture should always start off with a good revenge lakorn, so here are some of the Top 10 Revenge Dramas of Thai.

1. Kluen Cheewit

Kluen Cheewit follows the story of Jeerawat who is a misunderstood actress who accidentally kills a girl with her car when running to escape her stepfather. The girl has a fiance Sathit to decides to avenge her by gathering evidence against Jeerawat.

Kluen Cheewit


2. So Wayree

So Wayree follows Paramita, an heiress whose life is almost ruined when she stays abroad. When she returns to find the same man Parin siding with her father's rival company, she decides to take revenge for the things he did to her in the past.


3. Fai Lang Fai

Fai Lang Fai follows the main protagonist Leela who decides to exact revenge on her father's enemy on his behalf. However, she finds her quest getting harder and harder with Narut in the way, who has taken it upon himself to change her feelings about him completely.

Fai Lang Fai


4. Rak Rai

Rak Rai is a tale of two best friends Lek and Win. Lee voyeurs abroad to study and comes back years later only to find that Win's entire family is dead. However, Win is still alive and plans to exact revenge on Lek's family who caused these deaths, even if he has to use Lek to do so.

Rak Rai


5. Ra Raerng Fai

The story begins when Yada's father has Chakrit's father framed for murder and arrested. In order to exact revenge, Chakrit seduces and leaves Yada's sister at the altar. Yada's only goal now is to avenge her family honor and she and Chakrit go head to head, trying to outsmart the other.

Ra Raerng Fai


6. Hua Jai Sila

Hua Jai Sila follows Tor, who escapes his stepmother and brother's abuse and grows up to become a rich pimp owner, Sila. Sila decides to exact his revenge on all who wronged him as a child but finds his only childhood friend Mingta who sees through his guise and tries to thwart his attempts.

Hua Jai Sila


7. Game Maya

Game Maya follows Gun who decides to exact revenge on Khun Kawin for causing his fiancee's death. Gun gets hired as the bodyguard of Pim, who is Kawin's fiancee, and hatches a plan to destroy them both but finds himself falling in love with Pim instead.

Game Maya


8. Plerng Ruk Plerng Kaen

The drama follows Urawee and Unthiga who do not waste any opportunity to take revenge on each other and decide to do so by using two brothers who are in love with them as a bet waged between them. But the sisters soon realize that they are not the ones who are controlling this game.

Plerng Ruk Plerng Kaen


9. Pin Anong

Pin Anong follows Yai who finds his stepmother cheating on his father and runs away after killing her lover. Later he comes back to exact his vengeance and get his inheritance but finds himself falling for Pim, who is the daughter of his stepmother's faithful servant.

Pin Anong


10. Sanaeha Sunya Kaen

Sanaeha Sunya Kaen follows the story of Kin who vows to avenge his wife's death by taking revenge on the perpetrator, Tawan, who survived the accident. Tawan signs his employment contract without knowing his real identity, but they both end up falling in love.

Sanaeha Sunya Kaen