Article: Top 10 Thai Movies Which Show Thai Culture Appropriately

Sometimes movies fail to show the right side of a country and culture and choose only to show the glorified and westernized version in order to seem "hip" with the times. Skimming over important traditions, they do not realize that there is more to a country than its modernity. But every often there comes a film that is a hit amongst the public and explains the culture of the people featured in it properly, and here are such Top 10 Thai Movies Which Show Thai Culture Appropriately for your perusal.

1. Wonderful Town

This stunning picture follows architect Ton who moves into the town of Takua Pa to rebuild what was destroyed by a tsunami, but falls in love with hotel owner Na and pursues a secret relationship with her. They are met with strong opposition by the townspeople and villagers who are instigated by Na's brother.


2. A Gift

This gorgeous movie is dedicated to the late monarch King Bhumibol Adulyadej. A gift is something given without expecting anything back. This film focuses on the King's musical compositions and alludes to them as his gifts to the people. With impeccable scores, this film keeps its plot light and heartfelt.


3. The Overture

This critically acclaimed movie is credited with bringing to life one of Thailand's oldest and most esteemed forms of music- piphat. It gives us a rich cultural walk through Thailand in the late 19th century through the eyes of palace musician Pradit Phairoh. This film won several dozen awards at the 2004 Star Entertainment Awards, Thailand National Film Association Awards, and the Bangkok Critics Assembly Awards.


4. The Songs Of Rice

The Songs of Rice is exactly as the title sounds- music used to journal every phase and stage of the process of growth of rice in Thailand. Giving a keen insight into the lives of the sowers as well as their crop, this film is a visual treat with its lush montages and is a surefire way of increasing your knowledge about the center of Thai culture.


5. Mekhong Full Moon Party

Mekhong Full Moon Party follows one of Thailand's oldest traditions and is a perfect representation of its culture. This festival is centered around the annual Naga fireballs that appear on the full moon in October. People come from far and wide and participate in several customs like insect-eating which are pivotal to the Isaan culture.


6. Krabi 2562

Krabi 2562 takes viewers on a walk across tourist hotspot Krabi with its limestone cliffs and scenic beaches. It explores both the past and present of that region with montages of prehistoric and modern humans in an artfully tasteful way. It was Thailand's submission to the Toronto Film Festival in 2019.


7. Bang Rajan

Bang Rajan is a historically accurate film that depicts the 1767 battle of a small village of Bang Rachan in Siam against the invading Burmese. This movie is a merger of three verified events in Thai history and earned several accolades for its detailing including second place in Best Asian film at the Fantasia festival.


8. Edge Of The Empire

Edge of the Empire is a popular Thai historical drama film that has beautiful imagery and historically accurate costuming that makes the viewers feel like they are physically present in that era. It follows the tale of a heroic tribe that makes a move to stand up against its oppressors.


9. Back In The 90s

Back to the '90s is a Thai comedy that follows a teen boy who has a falling out with his father and finds himself transported back to the past when he enters a mysterious phone booth. This movie handled the 90's Thai urban culture elements pretty well and is a fan favorite.


10. Where We Belong

Where We Belong is a poignant coming of age tale of a girl that wishes to run away from her town and father into the unknown and signs herself up for a scholarship studying abroad to make her way in the world. She soon finds that parting ways with her best friend is harder than she expected.