Article: 10 Historical Thai Drama

Dramas are a perfect source of entertainment and learning about the history of their ancestors. These series involve war, politics, and assassins. These stories have the best combinations of romance, thriller, action, and crime. These Sam's have crisp storylines and satirical tones. The stories are about reincarnation, magic, monarchy, and much more.

1. The Two Fates

The series is about twin sisters who get separated because of their uncle’s greed. Kaew lives with her cruel mother and grows up in poverty, and Nok lives with her father in France. Nok returns to Thailand to find her mother and comes face to face with her twin.

2. Somewhere Our Love Begins

The series is about lovers turned enemies. Arisara is a kind and strong-headed woman. She saves wealthy Panin from a gang of thieves. They both are clueless about their identities and end up falling for each other. But when they return to Bangkok, Panin gets to know that Arisara was the one who rejected his brother to hurt himself.

3. The Wand Warrior 

The story is about a man trying to reverse black magic. Sirinda gets adopted by a mafia and hotelier. The mafia is on a quest to find a man who can switch the effects of black magic. Sirinda meets Trai, who can’t get hurt by weapons. Sirinda gets flashbacks of meeting Trai in the past.

4. Mist Of Love 

The series is about a man who can see people and their previous lives. The man goes abroad to get his treatment. After he returns, he meets a woman. He gets back his ability. The man needs to be careful because some people stand envious of his power to see lives.

5. Dung Duang Haruetai

The series is about the King of a water-deprived kingdom marrying a Princess for his benefit. The Princess doesn’t admire the rude king and runs away. The Princess gets rescued by a prince. She is held hostage by the king.

6. Likit Haeng Jan

The story is about two doppelgängers exchanging worlds. The girl from the past is timid and respects her culture. The girl from the present is quirky and outspoken.

7. Scent Of Love

The story is about a demoness pretending to be an incense stick seller. She is on a mission and must collect several scents. She has almost every scent except one. She can obtain the fragrance from the reincarnated man. She finds herself falling for him.

8. Herbal Master

The series is about Thong Ake wanting to become a doctor after witnessing his grandfather treat his patients. The grandfather quits his practice after one of his patients dies. Thong Ake meets a free-spirited girl who gets inspired by his grandfather. They lock heads at first but become lovers later.

9. Look Mai Laai Sonthaya

The series is about a girl falling in love with the Captain who is investigating her grandmother’s death. The girl is distracted by a reflection she sees in the mirror. The mirror is a portal to the parallel universe. The girl is also in love with the man from a completely different universe.

10. Love Destiny 

The drama is about two bodies getting exchanged with each other. The series is about betrayal and the occult. The story highlights issues of patriarchy as well.