Article: 10 K-Pop Idols Who Went Viral For Their Bare-Faced Visuals

K-pop idols are multi-faceted people with various talents. They are skilled artists who trained hard to debut and fulfill their dreams. It is no secret that many K-pop artists shine on the stage as if they were born to be there. They are excellent performers who mesmerize their audience with their performances, voice, and dancing skills. Apart from their skills and talents, K-pop idols are some of the most stunning and well-dressed people. We often see K-pop idols in clothes and makeup that suit and represent their concept and vibe. Makeup is often used to enhance a person's features and natural beauty, and K-pop idols often sport different makeup looks on and off stage. As celebrities, one can say that makeup and fashion are a part of their lives, and yes, it may be, but K-pop artists do not need makeup to shine as they look stunning without any makeup. Idols usually wear makeup for shoots and performances, so they are bare-faced when they get to be so and sport makeup-free visuals that have stunned fans. Whether during an airport visit, a simple selfie, or a live on social media, K-pop idols have dropped jaws because of their breathtaking natural visuals. Here are ten K-pop idols who went viral on the internet for their bare-faced visuals.

1. Taeyong

Taeyong of NCT is an idol with phenomenal talent that has no bounds. He is also one of the most stunning K-pop idols, with sharp and strong but soft features. While he is often viral on the internet for his talent and charm as a performer and idol, Taeyong is also a hot topic because of how captivating his visuals are. Though Taeyong is a fashionista who often sports cool clothing with makeup, he is bare-faced off-duty, and fans seem to love his natural and raw side the most. Taeyong went viral multiple times for his bare-faced visuals as fans fawned over his natural beauty.

2. Suzy

Suzy is a fan-favorite K-pop idol and Korean actress. Suzy is incredibly popular because of her acting and performing skills. She is also known for her mesmerizing visuals. In 2012, Suzy went viral on the internet as she looked gorgeous with her natural visuals in the movie Architecture 101. The public and her fans were stunned at Suzy's ethereal beauty. She also went viral in 2015 when it was revealed that Suzy did not put an ounce of makeup on her face during the beginning of her movie, and people were in awe of her bare-faced visuals. She even gained the title of Nation's First Love.

3. Felix

It is no secret that Felix of Stray Kids often blows minds with his deep and raspy voice. He surprises audiences with his duality as he transforms from a cute and soft guy to a dazzling, deep-voiced idol when he is performing. The idol's visuals are captivating because Felix looks stunning with and without makeup. He went viral on the internet for his natural beauty and bare-faced visuals in his social media lives. Netizens were in awe of his bare-faced visuals as Felix looked charismatic without makeup and showed his natural skin and beauty. He captivated fans when he went live bare-faced and showed his natural freckles that dotted his cheeks, and fans were in awe of his visuals.

4. Irene

Irene of Red Velvet is no doubt a gorgeous and talented idol. She can rock all kinds of aesthetics and look effortlessly beautiful. Irene has gone viral multiple times for her stunning visuals, both with and without makeup. She is known for her natural beauty as fans exclaimed about Irene's bare-faced visuals that are just as beautiful. In 2017, Irene went viral on the internet and stole hearts as she walked through the Incheon International Airport, sporting a natural look. During their show Level Up Project, Irene's bare-faced visuals surprised fans as she looked breathtaking without any makeup.

5. San

San from Ateez is an idol who constantly captivates and captures hearts with his phenomenal talent and live performances. San is known for his expressive dancing and fatal visuals that always manage to flutter hearts. He sports makeup that emphasizes his sharp and piercing features during official schedules like events, performances, and music videos. But San has been viral on the internet for his natural visuals as fans noticed his beautiful bare-faced visuals multiple times and commented on how handsome he looked without any makeup. In December 2022, San went viral because of a vlog he filmed while being bare-faced and fans were in awe of his stunning bare-faced visuals.

6. Karina

Karina of Aespa is one of the most famous female idols from the new generations of K-pop. She is called a top-tier visual because of her stunning visuals. Karina has constantly gone viral on the internet for her visuals as fans commented on her CGI-like visuals. Though she looks gorgeous with makeup, Karina looks stunning without makeup and has charmed fans with her natural beauty. In 2021, Karina went viral for her bare face in a behind-the-scenes video for an underwater shoot. In 2023, she went viral as netizens were caught off-guard by fan-taken pictures of Karina and her bare-faced life on social media. Fans constantly fawn over her beautiful and flawless bare-faced visuals.

7. Hyunjin

Hyunjin from Stray Kids is known for his phenomenal talent and top-tier visuals. Fans often point out that Hyunjin's visuals are out of this world. Just like most idols, Hyunjin wears makeup, sometimes subtle and sometimes bright or dark, emphasizing his features during shoots, performances, and events, and looks incredibly handsome. But Hyunjin also sports his natural, bare-faced visuals a lot of time. In 2021, Hyunjin went viral after his Vlive as he assumed there was a filer on-screen and later realized that it was just his natural face. Fans were mesmerized as Hyunjin looked stunning without makeup. He is often viral because of his bare-faced visuals in airports and on social media lives.

8. Jennie

Jennie is an IT girl of K-pop who often goes viral for her fashion and beauty. Jennie has captivating visuals with features that shine with and without makeup. In 2020, during a music show appearance for the song How You Like That, Jennie went viral and stole their hearts when she performed the encore. As the group performed the encore, Jennie stunned fans when she turned around and sported a bare-faced look as she performed.

9. V

BTS V, or Taehyung, is an idol everyone admits has mesmerizing visuals. He is popular for his captivating visuals and always captures hearts with his visuals. V has hypnotizing visuals that will take all of your attention. He is incredibly handsome in music videos, during shows and events, but just as captivating bare-faced. He went viral because of his Weverse live, as his bare-faced visuals looked stunning and dazzled fans.

10. Jihyo

Twice leader Jihyo is an incredibly talented female idol. She is not only known for her captivating vocals and performances but also her gorgeous visuals. Jihyo always looks beautiful, and sports makeup looks during official schedules that fans love to see. But she looks just as mesmerizing without makeup, in all her natural beauty. Jihyo went viral for her Vogue Beauty Secrets video, where she showed her bare face, doing skincare, and fans fawned over her stunning bare-faced visuals. She even went viral for her bare-faced visuals in Twice vlogs.