Article: Top 10 Thai Non-BL Romantic Series

Thai dramas have been around for a while, and many of the most memorable ones—from heartfelt romances to suspenseful thrillers to hilarious comedies—stand out. If you've seen every K-drama available on Netflix to this point, you're undoubtedly searching for a compelling substitute for these cinematic masterpieces that are just as compelling, poignant, and addicting. Thai dramas feature captivating narratives about life, tragedy, and love, just like their Korean counterparts. It doesn't hurt that their protagonists are consistently as stunningly skilled as they are handsome!

1. Thara Himalai

Thara Himalai is the story of forbidden love. Thiptara is a doctor from the rural areas. While she was wandering on the farm, she met Phuwanet. She assumed him to be just a worker on her farm, although he was the crown prince of Parawat. However, fate leads them to meet again. In an assassination attempt, phuwanet was injured and was sent to the hospital where Thiptara works. Afterward, he put an act that he lost his memories to remain safe. Thiptara is now perplexed about the situation. She then struggled to trust phuwanet and his love for her. She is also questioning his love as he is a royal while she is just a commoner. Will they find love in between all the chaos?

2. Rak Rae

Ramin is the ambassador secretary in Vienna. One day, he crossed paths with Wayoon, a language scholarship student. Due to adverse situations, he believed that every woman sought his wealth. Despite this, he persuaded her, and eventually, they fell in love. They shared some passionate nights, which led to Wayoon’s pregnancy. However, Ramin refused to raise the child and asked her to abort the child. Initially, she considered abortion but had some vivid dreams and decided to raise the child. Her friend, Nicholas helped her in every step. Later, they fell in love. After graduating, she became the un translator and then she encountered Ramin. Even after all these years, Ramin was still in love with her. However, he discovered that she had kept the child. Ramin wanted to reconcile, but Wayoon was now happy with Nicholas.

3. Cubic

Cubic is the love story of a mafia and commoner. Ruthainark's father took a loan from Lin Lang Sur, a member of the Hong Kong mafia. He offers nunthaka as collateral. Nunthaka is Ruthainark's beautiful elder sister. However, when the day arrives, her father runs away with nunthaka. Lang Sur's man captured her, and she offered to work to pay off the debt. In the meantime, the mob boss begins to fall for Ruthainark. As the series progresses, several mysteries get solved.

4. Praomook

Praomook is in an arranged contract marriage. That demonstrates the complicated love-hate relationship. Praomook is in love with Chalantorn, whereas he thinks of her as ugly ducking and a nuisance. They were temporarily married as a part of superstition to ward off Chalantorn's evil luck. Pramook is struggling with debts, and Chalantorn's parents help her to get over her debts. Chlantorn, however, pretends to be gay to get rid of her. She pledges to make him fall in love. His best friend likes her, which brings spice to the story. Love triangles are what excites people.

5. Sapai Import

Lisa is a spoiled kid who returned from her studies in England only to find her parents were in debt. Now, She had to work on the farm to pay off her debt. Don is the grandson of a famous farm owner. Don's mother helped her. Don is named the successor after his grandfather dies. However, to receive the farm Don has to marry within a year. Don's mother proposed that he marry Lisa. At first, they rejected the marriage. But Don's mother fell sick, and due to guilt, Lisa accepted the marriage. However, as they didn't like each other, they entered into a contract for about six months. Despite the differences, these two move ahead in life.

6. My Forever Sunshine

My Forever Sunshine is about a tragic love story. Paeng loses her father, then she has to go to live at artit's house. However, no one expected that she would nearly cost Artit's life. Due to this fact, Artit started hating her. She then has to leave the house. After six years, their paths crossed again. Artit's hate tends to deepen as time passes. However, to keep his promise to artit's father she must endure all this.

7. Wong Wien Hua Jai

Bow returns to Thailand after her boyfriend cheated on her. Pong is now going to marry Vithinee, whom he impregnated. She is the spoiled, younger sister of famous vineyard owner, Tos. Extremely heartbroken, bow decided to drink her pain away. However, a tragic incident occurred. She was almost drugged and compromised by a criminal when Tos saved her and managed to take her safely to the private room. When tos realized that she could ruin his sisters' happiness. He takes up this opportunity to tie the bow to himself. He tells Bow’s father that he slept with her. Eventually, her father ended up marrying him off to tos. Thus, their love story started on a bad note.

8. Rahut Rissaya

Rahut risayya is a story of a girl who went from riches to rag. The heiress of a billionaire family lost everything, including her parents. Her aunt and her daughter swindled all the properties to their name. She is now left penniless. She developed a plan to blackmail. Siwa Ratthanarith to know about his father’s discretion and evil deeds. Her cousin was in love with Siwa. She uses confidential information to force Siwa. However, their closeness turns into love. But before she learns forgiveness, it’s almost too late.

9. Angel Beside Me

Lin is a poor, depressed girl. Due to an adverse situation, she decided to commit suicide. However, she was cut in by a loud thud on her ceiling. A handsome angel fell from heaven after observing Lin's attempted suicide. As an angel sent from heaven, he is capable of addressing human emotions. That is quite a cute, romantic, and engrossing drama. An angel saves the life of a common girl and, in the end, falls for the girl.

10. Kiss Me 2015

Kiss Me is a story about a quick-witted guy and a cute, lovely girl. Tenten has just returned to Japan. Sometimes, he would treat her well, and take care of her; other times he would make fun of or embarrass her in front of their peers. That gives Taliw mixed signals. Namkang is Taliw's love rival. Namkang is relatively taller, beautiful, and brighter than her. Later in the series, Taliw's home is destroyed, and she has to move in with Tenten. Will this bring them together?