Article: Top 10 Thai Funniest Romantic Comedy Dramas

In recent years, Thailand has been the destination for new Asian horror films. However, the majority of Thais did not realize that their entertainment industries also enjoy romantic comedies, as reflected in television dramas. Teenage-friendly Thai rom-com films are one of the country's popular film genres. The audience finds it more enticing, particularly paired with the comedy genre. Because of the romantic and ludicrous scenes, many of these Thai rom-com films can elicit strong emotions and laughter from the audience.

1. Payakorn Sorn Ruk

Rosita gets in an accident and gains psychic ability. She then became a famous fortune teller. Rosita can see the future when she touches a rose. Once, she made a prediction in public about Theeruth, an actor. She said that he would make a woman pregnant and would have a secret child. The prediction gets him into trouble. From that day, they both became rivals. A few years later, Theeruth is invited to an event along with four celebrities as special guests. Rosita is also invited to make predictions. However, when she touched one of the roses, she saw a glimpse of Theeruth and herself hugging, kissing, and loving each other. She was bewildered and left the event ablaze. As the series progresses, we can see that she was attacked, and the suspect was someone from the five celebrities she read about. However, to her surprise, theeruth helped her and, made her feel safe. They both started to investigate the criminal and started feeling the sparks. The rival relationship gives us a lot of fun moments.

2. Full House

Full House is a story about a writer who entered a contract marriage. However, she didn't realize where this marriage would take her. Aom is a writer who was enjoying during a trip to Korea. A tragic incident took place; she got robbed. Mike bought her property after it was fraudulently sold. She's entering into a contract marriage with Mike to get her possessions back. This contract marriage further develops into a romantic one.

3. Ruk Sutrit

Ruk Sutrit revolves around a spoiled rich kid who falls for his tutor. Ittrit has always felt that he is never enough after his mother abandoned him and compares himself with his adopted brother. This feeling had made him arrogant. As a result, he applies to cheat to get into school, but the Teacher's Assistant catches him. His father bribed the professor into giving him another chance. His father is furious with his behavior. He decided to hire a tutor and asked chanamon to be his tutor. Her financial situation was not well, so she agreed. However, due to their rival relationships, tutoring him was a difficult task. He is only interested in bike rides with his crush. Will chanamon be able to put him back to track? Will Itrirt give up on his celebrity crush and will finally see chanamon? Will he be able to meet his mother?

4. Dok Ruk Rim Tang

The series revolves around a girl whose father suddenly dies. Upon her return, she discovered that her father's new spouse had sold the house, leaving her with nothing but her dog. Anusorn becomes suspicious and starts the investigation. While looking for the truth, she almost gets killed in the process. Pathavee is a young photographer. He is constantly arguing with his family about his girlfriend, janjira. Janjira is a sexy actress and the younger sister of Jitree. But according to his mother and elder sister, Janjira is after his money. Therefore, his mother tried matchmaking to get rid of Janjira. Pathavee pursues the house from Jitree. Anusorn disguises as a boy to reveal secrets in the old house. Thus, she became Pathavee's assistant.

5. Mae Ka Khanom Wan

Bipai is working as an engineer. She enjoys dressing up like a boy, so people frequently think she is a guy. She trained under the greatest, a Muay Thai champion, which is why she is skilled in martial arts. However, she is also good at cooking since she was well-trained by her grandmother. She quits her job due to having issues with her boss. She then decided to open up her Thai dessert shop. One day, she met a handsome mafia boss. However, he doesn't leave a good impression on her as he steals her first kiss, leaving her furious. He became enraged when she punched him in front of his supporters. Wacharawat was impressed with her cooking skills and started to follow her around. Bapai was frustrated as he was causing problems in her life. In retaliation, she chooses to disguise herself as a man and kidnap his fiancé.

6. Hua Jai Rua Pang

Ran has raised her niece after her older sister goes to prison. Ran is indebted to her sister as she raised her to pay off the debt she raised Pat. When Ran arrives at Pat's house, she finds that Pat is getting kicked out because she is pregnant. Ran then decided to raise Pat's child, Atom, to give Pat a new start. Later, Lan starts working for a resort. She started a relationship with the resort's owner, Pete. They both fell in love and decided to get married. Ran is against their marriage. She wants Pat to be honest with Pete and tell her about her mother and her son, Atom. The most complicated aspect is when they meet Atom's father, who is a cousin of Pete..

7. Kol Ruk Luang Jai

Kol Ruk Laung Jai is the story of a girl's childhood crush. Bua comes from a wealthy family. Her mother longs for respect in the so-called community. Her mother arranged her marriage with someone from a noble family to be respected. Bua didn't want to marry someone she didn't like. She overhears her brother talking to his best friend, Ran. Ran needs a fake date as her mother arranged a date for him. Ran is Bua's childhood crush. Bua takes up this chance to Prague to be his fake wife. Will Bua’s feelings be reciprocated?

8. I Wanna Be A Sup'tar

The series revolves around a girl's dream of being a superstar. Wan Nueng dreams of becoming a superstar, while her parents object and want to send her abroad. Thus, they sell their house. Wan is left homeless. Win Pakron is a celebrity who has just returned from abroad. Win was a part of a gay scandal. He bought Wan's house. Wan started to sneak into the house. However, one day, she was caught red-handed by the win. Though one reporter follows Win, he makes a deal with Wan. If she can lure out the reporter, she can stay with him. The arrogant Win started to melt and even began training Wan to become the next big face. Where will this relationship take them?

9. Leh Nangfah

The series revolves around a cute-funny drama. Lallit is an arrogant, self-absorbed heiress. Lallit is so obsessed with her beauty that she talks down with people. Two angels decide to teach her a lesson. They cursed her as she was boosting over her beauty. She got a curse to live as a human by day and a bird by night. Only a kiss from her true love can break the spell. Lallit was confident about breaking the curse as an easy task. She used to believe that everybody was in love with her. She was beyond shocked to realize that people despise her and hate her. How will she break the curse?

10. Leh Roy Ruk

Tarn is in debt. She then starts to swindle money to pay off her debts. Once, she decided to drug a man and steal a ring. The ring is an heirloom, it belongs to Phubadee, who is a playboy and an heir to a great fortune. However, during this, he was attacked and lost his memory. Tarn then pretends to be a wife to swindle his big fortune to pay back to the creditors.