Article: Top Ten Korean Actresses Who Are 30 And Still Single

Being an actress is not a simple thing. Remaining single as an actress is a much more difficult task to do. These actresses value their time as single and put more effort into the industry.

1. Ha Ji Won

“Jeon Hae-rim” is her birth name. She is also known as “Jun Hae Rim .”She is a 43 years old actress. She started her acting debut through “Sinsedaebogo 100hui Teukjib”. She is recognized widely for her performance in “School 2.” She has won many awards throughout her career.


2. Jang Nara

She is a singer basically, later turned into an actress. She also works for the Chinese industry. She is 40 years old. In China, she is also known for her identity, “Zhang Na La.” Jang Nan Han Ya and Tweety are her nicknames. She has won many awards. She was a child artist. Her first debut in acting was in her childhood days.


3. Han Ye Seul

She was born in America. Her age is 39. By her English name, she knew as “Leslie Kim .”She is a singer and has been into modeling too. Her nickname is ‘Barbie Doll .’Big Issue, Myung Wol the Spy, Tazza, Birth of a Beauty are her TV shows. Penny Pinchers and Miss Gold Digger include her movie works.


4. Gong Hyo Jin

She is a 41-year-old actress. She is a model-turned-actress. Her acting debut was in ‘Memento Mori .’She is into other activities like writing books and also into fashion. She is also a fashion icon. Her nickname is Olive.


5. Kim Seo Hyung

She is a 47 years old actress. She is widely known for her negative role in “Temptation of Wife .”She has won awards for her negative role in the play. She started her acting debut in the year 1994. She is a pageant queen. She has been into acting for more than two decades now. 


6. Kim Hye Soo

She is a 51 years old actress. She started her acting career in 1986. She has won many awards. She is nicknamed “Wonder Woman .”She has learned Taekwondo. Her famous works include The Hypnotized and The Red Shoes.


7. Kim Sa Rang

She is a 43 years old actress and model. She debuted in the year 2000. She won the title “Miss Korea” when she started her acting career in the same year.


8. Son Ye Jin

She is 39 years old. She is a voice-artist turned actress. “Nation’s First Love” is the title given to her by the people. She has won many awards. In the year 2002, she debuted in acting.


9. Yoo In Na

She is a singer turned actress. She is 39 years old. In the year 2009, she debuted in acting. She was a DJ before her singing profession. She is a multi-faceted actor who was also a host. IU and Na are good friends and are known for their friendship.


10. Song Ji Hyo

“Cheon Soo-Yeon” is her birth name. Song Ji Hyo is her stage name. She is a 40year old actress. She debuted in 2003. She is also popularly known as “Ace-Ji Hyo.”