Article: Ten Chinese Actors With Different Stage Names And Real Names

Stage names or ‘Professional Names’ of many celebrities are different from those they are born with. These stage names tend to be simple and easy to remember. Celebrities use these pseudonyms for various reasons. Here are some Chinese actors and their stage names.

1. Hugh Hu (Born, Hu Ge)

Hugh Hu is a Chinese actor and singer who was propelled into stardom after his role in the television series ‘Chinese Paladin’ was greatly favored by the public. He was offered the role of Li Xiaoyao in ‘Chinese Paladin’ while he was still studying at the Shanghai Theater Academy. This series was a great hit in China and became a massive milestone in Hugh’s career. Hugh Hu’s first television role was in the romance drama ‘Dandelion’.


2. Ray Ma (Born, Ma Tian Yu)

Ray Ma is a Mando-pop singer and actor, belonging to the Muslim Hui ethnic minority. Ray had debuted as a singer after he placed 6th in the last round of the competitive show ‘My Hero Competition’ in 2006. Ray started his acting career with the film ‘Evening Of Roses’ in the year 2009, but he didn’t gain much attention until he starred in the wuxia drama ‘The Vigilantes In Masks’ and won the Breakthrough Actor Award at the Youku Television Index Awards. After this, Ray featured in several Chinese movies and dramas that were huge commercial successes, and this slowly put the celebrity into the limelight he is in today.


3. Timmy Xu (Born, Xu Wei Zhou)

Timmy Xu was born in 1994 in Shanghai. He is a famous singer-songwriter and actor who made his official debut in the entertainment world in the year 2015 when he starred in the film ‘Gaming Madness. Since then, the star has been featured in several films and television dramas including, ‘Addicted’, ‘My Girlfriend’ and ‘The Evolution of Our Love’. Timmy Xu released his first album as a singer in 2016 and is still a prominent singer today.


4. Kenny Lin (Born, Lin Geng Xin)

Kenny Lin was born in Shenyang, the capital of the Liaoning Province in China. He is a popular actor famous for his roles in ‘The Great Wall’ and ‘Chu Qiao Zhuan’. Kenny first became prominent following his roles in the hit dramas ‘Scarlet Hearts’ and ‘Princess Agents’.


5. Johnny Huang (Born, Huang Jin Gyu)

Johnny Huang is a Chinese model and actor. He had first started his career as a model before moving into acting. Johnny Huang made his acting debut in ‘Addicted’, the 2016 web series. Thanks to his extraordinary portrayal of his character from the show, he was titled the ‘National Husband’ in China. Johnny gained an enormous fan base following his rise in the entertainment industry, so much so that it seemed like he went from having only 1 million followers and moved to 4 million on his Weibo account, all in 1 night.


6. Simon Gong (Born, Gong Jun)

Simon Gong is a Chinese actor born in Chengdu, China, on the 29th of November 1992. Simon Gong debuted in 2015 with the web drama ‘Sword Chaos’ in the year 2015. In the year 2021, he starred in the BL drama adaptation ‘World of Honor’ as the main lead. The show was a huge hit and helped Simon garner a huge number of Weibo followers, eventually rising to break the 10 million Weibo followers mark.


7. Neo Hou (Born, Huo Ming Hao)

Born in Beijing on the 3 of August 1997, Neo Hou is an actor-singer based in China. In 2014, Neo Hou debuted as a member of the boy group Fresh Teenager Geek and released ‘UP 4 U’ as the debut album. He stayed as a part of the group until January 10, 2016, when he announced that he was ending his contract with the group to go solo. Neo Hou has since become a prominent singer and has also starred in various dramas and movies. He is best known for his roles in ‘When We Were Young’, ‘Cambrian Period’ and ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’.


8. Miles Wei (Born, Wei Zhe Ming)

Miles Wei is a Chinese singer, actor, and model. Miles Wei has been an active part of the Chinese music industry since 2012 when he released his first musical single ‘BUT’. Miles Wei broke into the Chinese entertainment industry in 2017 as the lead role in the TV series ‘Love Nagging: Season 1’. Following this, he featured in multiple on-screen projects and released several songs as well.


9. Allen Deng (Born, Deng Lun)

Allen Deng is a Chinese actor who debuted in 2012 in the TV series ‘Flowers in Fog’. He is well known in the Chinese entertainment industry as a workaholic. Allen had stated in an interview that there was a span of two years when he only rested for about 3-4 hours per day. He shot into stardom after playing the lead role in the hit Xianxia drama ‘Ashes of Love’.


10. Evan Li (Born, Li Yi Feng)

Evan Li was born in 1987 on the 4th of May and is a Chinese singer-actor. He first rose to fame as a participant in the ‘My Hero’ contest, 2007. Evan debuted as a singer in the same year and released his first album titled ‘Four Leaf Clover’. In 2007, Evan Li began shifting his focus into acting and finally made his debut in the acting world with the drama, ‘The Prince of Tennis 2’. Evan finally broke into mainstream acting in the year 2014 when he played the role of Baili Tusu, the protagonist of the commercially successful drama, ‘Swords of Legends’. He experienced a huge rise in popularity and commercial value following this drama and even became the first actor to win the Newcomer Award at the 2014 Elle Style Awards.