Article: Top 10 Japanese Movies Based On Kidnapping

The complete capture of another person's body and their freedom of movement make kidnapping a horrifying crime. This is why imprisonment is regarded as punishment since, although having the appearance of legality, it includes capturing a person and tormenting them for days, weeks, or even years. Or even worse, as is frequently the case in these movies, utilising the captured individual as a hostage or a negotiation gimmick. Here is a list of the top 10 kidnapping-related Japanese films.

1. Three Outlaw Samurai 

A group of peasants who had kidnapped the daughter of their autocratic magistrate come across Shiba, a wandering ronin, as they attempt to force him to lower taxes. Two outlaws from the magistrate's guard, Sakura and Kikyo, assist Shiba in their fight. The three outlaws are engaged in a life-or-death struggle.


2. Shoplifters 

Osamu and his son come upon a little girl who is shivering in the bitter weather after one of their theft operations. After learning about the difficulties the girl experiences, Osamu's wife, who at first was hesitant to provide for her, decides to do so. The family appears to be living happily together despite the fact that they are impoverished and rely on petty crime to make ends meet until an unexpected event discloses hidden secrets and puts their relationship to the test.


3. Karate-Robo Zaborgar

Only Karate-Robo Zaborgar can save prominent business leaders who have been abducted by a nefarious criminal organisation named Sigma for the purpose of harvesting their DNA. In other words, Dr. Akunomiya and his sidekick, the stunning cyborg Miss Borg, are opposed by Daiman, a superhero who drives a robotic motorcycle that is skilled in karate.


4. Ajin: Demi-Human 

Ajin is a live-action rendition of a Gamon Sakurai-penned and -illustrated manga series. After dying in a vehicle accident, Kei Nagai discovers he is an immortal known as an Ajin (demi-human). Ajin is eventually kidnapped by the authorities and used as a subject in gruesome experiments after being pursued by humans. As he flees and runs, he encounters more demi-humans along the route.


5. Abduction The Megumi Yokota Story

The incredible true story of a 13-year-old Japanese girl who was kidnapped by North Korean spies in 1977 and her parents' heartbreaking 30-year quest to bring her home against insurmountable odds is told in the book Abduction. An intense human drama depicting a mother and father's grief and unwavering love for their kid draws attention to one of the most emotive and widely discussed political and human rights situations in the East today. The filmmakers craft an incredible tale of espionage and love using unique video and remarkable access to two of Japan's most well-known figures.


6. Yûkai Rhapsody 

In Yuukai Rhapsody, a guy in a rut makes the dramatic decision to kidnap a wealthy boy without realising the boy's father is a yakuza boss since he has no money and no personal life. He is obliged to grab the youngster and flee since the yakuza and the police are after him. Somehow, though, throughout the flight, the kidnapper and the kidnappee start getting along with one another.


7. Kanzen-Naru Shiiku

During the course of 40 patient days, a lonely 40-year-old man slowly teaches the 17-year-old schoolgirl to love him and accept him as her boyfriend.


8. Chaos

The sequel to Ringu, Chaos, was a good one. The pacing changes nicely in this movie. A wealthy man and his wife are having lunch one day. Her husband rushes outside to meet her when she chooses to go outside for some fresh air, but she has already left! Hubby, who is perplexed, tries to phone the police, but the kidnapper contacts him first. A divorced handyman is presented to us at this point. He meets a young woman who offers to work for him in exchange for some money. He requests that he kidnap her. This guy finds himself in over his head circumstances because of what appears to be easy money.


9. Concrete

An indie Japanese film from 2004 called Concrete is based on the murder of Junko Furuta. The four attackers of Furuta are the subject of the movie just as much as the harm Furuta endured at their hands. Four boys kidnap a girl named Misaki in the movie.


10. Female Yakuza Tale

A yakuza clan kidnaps Ocho and uses a group of ladies to smuggle cocaine into their genitalia. When Ocho learns that the kingpin killed the previous leader and kidnapped his daughter, he teams up with the drug mules to fight the clan.