Article: Top 10 Thai Movies Which Suffered On Their Releases

The Thailand Film Censor Board is one of the most reputed in the business. Known for brutal cuts on anything resembling disrespect or impropriety, it has also received lark for banning films that do not comply with their long list of demands. While this is sometimes necessary in order not to cross the line, some films after complying with these norms suffer on releases as those plot points hold key value in the narrative, and sometimes directors withdraw the film from cinemas completely, and here are the Top 10 Thai Movies Which Suffered On Their Releases to reaffirm the same.

1. Blissfully Yours

Blissfully Yours follows an almost fever dream like reality of an illegal immigrant Min. This movie was first strongly disapproved of by the Thai Film Censor Board for its inappropriate sexual scenes. But even after some parts were censored and released, this movie did not get the audience it was expecting.


2. Insects In The Backyard

Insects In The Backyard was a 2010 film that revolved around a transgender father who raises his two children. This film was the first to be banned under the new Film Act B.E. 2511 for scenes that were deemed outright "pornographic" and inappropriate. The director even went ahead and sued the board but to no avail.


3. Mae Bia

This disturbing film was rated for its nudity, implied bestiality, and adulterous scenes and themes. It revolves around the story of a commited man who is back from his stay abroad and to get back in sync with Thai culture, signs up for a tour group, but ends up pursuing a relationship with the tour guide who is actually the symbiote for a snake.


4. Cemetery Of Splendour

Apichatpong Weerasethakul had previously released another controversial film Syndromes and a Century which was banned by the Thai Film board for its sexual themes. Hence he did not even attempt to release this movie because it had hidden themes that talked about the 1965 militia crackdown in Thailand.


5. Eternity

Eternity or Chua Fah Din Salai as it was called in Thai starred Thai actor Ananda Everingham in the main role. This story revolves around a man who pursues a sexual relationship with his uncle's new wife. This time it was Ananda Everingham's nudity scenes that caused the movie to be banned and censored.


6. Jan Dara: The Beginning

Although there are several films under this name, this movie in particular featured several inappropriate sexual themes and was deemed too inappropriate to be screened. Featuring an incestuous relationship, there was a strict mandatory ID policy when this movie finally released.


7. Gagee

Gagee is another film that didn't make it long on the big screen because of its adulterous content. The Thai Censor Board also felt it was disrespectful to the monarchy and censored several scenes. It follows the story of the king's wife who begins an affair with his general after he is unable to satisfy her needs.


8. Long Thang

In this film, Wasana Thongsri plays a sexually confident seductress, the first of many to come in Thai cinema, that served as the opposite of the typical innocent and virtuous female lead. This film featured scenes that were deemed too "provocative" and inappropriate by Thai audiences themselves and ended up with a lawsuit filed against them.


9. Syndromes And A Century

Syndromes And A Century was the first Thai film to enter the Venice Festival. However, it was banned in its own nation. As the Thai Censor Board felt the need to censor 4 scenes that were deemed inappropriate for audiences and the director, indignant, refused to do so, the film was completely banned in cinemas.


10. Pitupoom - Fatherland

This film was the first to be removed due to self-censorship because the producers felt it had strong political themes that could cause a lot of controversy amongst the Thai. It revolves around Southern Thailand's local Muslim community and the issues they face in their lives due to discrimination.