Article: Top 10 Thai Comedy Actors

The Thai Entertainment industry has explored diverse genres to keep the audience hooked to their screens. These genres vary from melodrama, suspense, thriller, romantic comedy, sci-fi, costume dramas, etc. Comedy, romantic comedy, dark comedy, and adult comedy have caught the viewers' attention. In this article, let's see the top 10 Thai comedy actors who have the power to leave the audience giggling with their phenomenal performance.

1. Chantavit Dhanasevi

Popularly known as Ter, he is a Thai actor, screenwriter. Coming Home, Hormones, Hello Stranger are some of his initial projects. He went to the spotlight with the comedy movie ATM: Er Rak Error that became one of the highest-grossing comedy movies of the Thai Acting Industry. He was a co-writer in successful projects like Pee Mak, One Day. He gets awarded the 25th Entertainment Club Awards and KAZZ Awards in the category of Best Leading Actor for his movie One Day.


2. Petchtai Wongkamlao

One of the finest Thai comedians goes by the stage-name, Mum Jok Mok. He gained public attention with the variety show Ching Roi Ching Lan. He spiced the shows like Ong-Bak: Muay Thai warrior, Yam Yasothon, The Holy Man with his comedy reliefs. He embarked on his career as a director with the projects like The Bodyguard, Yam Yasothon, Wongkamlao.


3. Mario Maurer

A Thai actor and model started his modeling career at 16 by appearing in photoshoots and commercials. He came to the forefront with the movie The Love of the Siam and won the Best Actor award in various award shows. First love, Friendship, Rahtree Reborn, Plerng Tarranong are some of the initial projects of his career. He has been celebrity endorsement for various brands like Pepsi, Sony Ericsson, The Pizza Company.


4. Boriboon Chanrueng

Nicknamed Tuk by his fans, he is a Thai actor, model, and TV host. He appeared in movies like Still on my mind, Ghost Day, Yak: The Giant King, Green Fictions. He is well known for his dramatic programming appearances in Kum Pha Kum, Rak Airdate, 365 Days of Love, Wiwah Pacha Taek. He even did concerts like the Train Rally Charity concert, Suptar ON STAGE.


5. Chaiya Mitchai

A graduate of Ramkhamhaeng University who goes by the stage name A.He has done a series of supporting roles in dramas like Sapai Rai Sukdina, Jun Krajang Tee Klang Thung, Roy Thai. He appeared in movies like Darkwater and Tv show I can See Your Voice Thailand.


6. Pongsak Pongsuwan

He goes by the stage name Theng Therdtherng, and he is a famous Thai comedian and actor who made his debut in Killer Tattoo. He came to the spotlight with his performance in Luang Phii Theng that did the business of 141 million baht at the box office. 7 Pra-Jan-Barn, Spy Next door, Teng, and Nong are his notable projects.


7. Lor Tok 

Lor Tok was the most outstanding Thai actor and comedian and was named a Thailand National artist in 1995. He has done more than 1000 movies in his acting career, setting a benchmark for all the forthcoming actors. He made his debut in 1933 with the movie titled Wan Chalayan. He set up his own production company named Tok Boom Parpayon and married Somjit, actress and model. Go Hub, Ngern, Ngern, and Ngern are notable projects.


8. Saicheer Wongwirot

A Thai actor, comedian, and singer have played supporting roles in many movies, dramas, and sitcoms. Sua Sung Fah, Poo Kong Yod Ruk, Monkey Twins, Tee Yai, are some of his famous dramas. He appeared in the 2018 movie Nakee 2 and advertisements of Top One, Chaindrite.


9. Paitoon Pumrat

Popularly known as Mang, he was a Thai-American comedian and actor. He is best known for a popular sitcom named Laugh Co. Ltd. He has acted in several movies like Saranae Hen Phee, Bikeman, Khun Blue, Bikeman 2, E Leam Sing. He passed away on 19th September 2020 due to Tuberculosis.


10. Udom Taepanich

A famous stand-up comedian best known for his live stand comedy series- Draw. He started a particular program named Moo. He is one of the most regarded and famous comedians of Thailand. He goes by the stage name Nose.