Article: Top 10 Upcoming Chinese Thriller Drama You Need To Watch It In 2022

From fantastic cinematography and stunning digital effects, Chinese dramas captured us. After those endless hours of romantic dramas, it’s time to watch something more momentous. If you are in the mood for mystery, crime, and a touch of romance we have come up with a list of 10 upcoming Chinese Thriller dramas you need to watch in 2022.

1. Bionic

“Bionic” is an upcoming Chinese science-fiction thriller drama. The drama starring Song Wei Long and Vicky Chen as main leads have twelve episodes. What happens when in the no longer too-distant future, humans started relying on bionics for emotional support guide triggers? Will cascading crises of series happen? This drama will be broadcast the iQIYI website.


2. Never Wronged 

It's an upcoming historical horror thriller concentrating on a detective trio working together for exploring eight mystery tales. Each of the eight stories is a conflict between good and evil. What will happen when good and evil confront each other? Main starring Xia Zhi Guang, Caesar Wu, Wang Zhi Yi, the drama have twenty-four episodes. The drama will be broadcast on the iQIYI website.


3. Desire Catcher 

“The Desire catcher” is an upcoming drama directed by Wang Tao Tao. The drama starring Zheng Ye Cheng, Xin Yun Lai, Wang Jia Yu is a Chinese thriller drama which is adapted from the novel "Xie E Cui Mian Shi" by Zhou Hao Hui. The drama can be expected in 2022.This drama will be broadcast on Mango TV.


4. Nobody Knows 

“Nobody knows” main starring Ou Hao, Wang Yu Wen, Wang Yan Hui is a new suspense-thriller drama. Sins that were buried underneath caught into the truth of life, revealing an adolescent past. The evil intentions in children can consider pure while what about adults? aren't pretty much complicated. Is it can be true that we both were sinners? This will be broadcast on Youku.


5. Strange Legend Of Tang Dynasty 

Yang Shu Wen, Yang Zhi Gang, Gao Si Wen starring upcoming Chinese historical fantasy thriller drama consists of a total of thirty-nine episodes. The general of the Jin Wu guards, Ling Feng was tasked to research cases of several brides missing in Changan city. Will, He succeeded? Directed by Bo Shan, Liu Fang, the drama broadcast website is QIYI.


6. Global University Entrance Examination 

The upcoming Chinese romance comedy thriller “Global University Entrance Examination" is adapted from a novel by Mu Suli. You Huo and his family got into an exam called Global University Entrance Exam. But later they found out that the exam itself is a trap. They can only survive if they pass each exam. Do you think they can survive their lives? Broadcast on Tencent Video.


7. The Crack Of Dawn 

Ma Si Chun, Luo Hong Ming, Liu Kai starring new suspense thriller drama is about an ordinary woman who worked hard for a stable life after facing betrayal from her husband's side. She had a lot of problems and burdens in her life. Will she ever succeed in her life and live peacefully and happily? Broadcast on Hunan TV, Mango TV.


8. The Shadow 

“The shadow” is a new historical thriller drama directed by Li Mu Ge. Starring Gao Wei Guang, Ouyang Nana, Winwin. During the republic era Shen Zhi Heng, who is a famous vampire lived for hundreds of years almost butchered by a group of masked soldiers. But thankfully he got saved by a blind girl. What will happen when these two meet? Broadcast on Tencent Video.


9. Who Listens In Time 

"Who listens in Time” adapted from the novel "Who listens to You in Time" by Mi Xi Ya is a Chinese romance science fiction thriller drama. Jin Xiang Dong is a man who is as efficient and as cold as a robot. Lu Jia Er is a perfect combination of unnatural brain and body.  Can we expect love to blossom between them?


10. Talk To Your Heart 

"Talk to Your Heart" is going to be the new Chinese drama that will be airing in 2022. It is a psychological as well as a romantic thriller drama. This is a whole twenty-eight episodic drama of the new coming year. We can expect Leo Luo in the lead role. It will be worth watching a psychological romance thriller. So are you all excited?