Article: Top 10 Make-Up Hacks By Korean Celebrities

Having flawless and radiant skin is like a dream to most of us but for these Korean Drama actors, having clear skin does not seem to be a task at all. They just follow some simple skincare regime to get the perfect skin that they want. So here are some of the Korean celebrities sharing their secret to beauty

1. Kim Taehyung From BTS

Kim Taehyung, a South Korean singer, songwriter and actor and most commonly known as V, is said to be one of the most handsome men in the whole world. Since they have to have makeup almost all day long so here are some tricks that Taehyung uses to stay fresh and hydrated. He loves to apply toner and lotion. It helps his skin stay hydrated and rejuvenated during long flights and tours in general. The way he applies his toner is a bit different than usual. He likes to dampen a cotton pad using a toner and apply the toner all over his face with the cotton pad. The very next is to apply lotion. He is very particular about the amount of lotion to put. He uses twice the amount of lotion.


2. Park Jimin From BTS

Park Jimin, also known as Jimin, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and absolutely flawless dancer. He is also a member of the famous idol boy group BTS. BTS members in general are known to have immaculately flawless skin and appearance. Jimin especially gained the attention of the audience for his visuals in the music video “Blood Sweat and tears.” Jimin revealed the secret for his visuals in an interview by saying “if in doubt, go for a Smokey eye.”


3. IU

Lee Ji-Eun, professionally known as IU, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actor. She is known to have a charming personality and visuals that can make you fall in love with her. Unlike other artists, her secret to flawless skin is not a particular product or a specific makeup style. The way she describes the secret to her beauty is water. She drinks up to four litres of water a day.


4. Seo Yea-Ji

Seo Yea-Ji is a South Korean actress who gained a lot of popularity with her acting in the Korean drama “It’s okay to not be okay.” She wowed everyone with her gorgeousness in the series “It’s okay to not be okay”. Her makeup looks are a combination of warm-toned and nude shades. For her look in “It’s okay to not be okay” she used warm toned eye shadows like coral, grey and brown and for lips, she went with a nude matte lipstick.


5. Park Seo-Joon

Park Seo-Joon is a South Korean actor born on December 16, 1988. He became insanely popular through his role in the Korean dramas “Kill Me Or Heal Me”, “She Was Pretty” and “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.”  He has played a role from being a vice president in a company to being a high scholar in school and that too at the age of 30. His secret to this age-defying glow Is to use sheet masks on a daily basis without any fail.


6. Song Hye-Kyo

Song Hye-Kyo is a south Korean actress whose popularity blew up with the television drama “Autumn in My Heart.” People were mesmerized by her beauty and charm in the drama “Descendant of Sun.” since then her skincare routine was the topic of discussion between many celebrities and beauty influencers. Later Song Hye-Kyo revealed that her secret to beautiful skin lies in using homemade face masks. She still wholeheartedly believes that homemade masks work best for the skin. She applies these masks once every two weeks.


7. Nam Joo-Hyuk

Nam Joo-hyuk is a South Korean actor born on February 22, 1994. He started as a model in 2013 and also appeared in a lot of music videos in late 2013 and early 2015. He had also started appearing in dramas in late 2015. His career took a turn in 2016 when he starred in the drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo.” People went crazy over his visuals and charm. Nam Joo-hyuk believes that skincare does not have any gender. Every person on earth be it male or female should take care of themselves. He says that his secret to perfect healthy skin is sunscreen. He never forgets to wear sunscreen especially when he is outside.


8. Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is a South Korean actor who made his debut in 2003 with the television series “Bodyguard”. Later, he then in many sitcoms and romantic dramas but he shot to stardom only in 2005 with his role in the romantic comedy series “My Lovely Sam Soon.” He became even more famous internationally with his role in the drama “Crash Landing On You.” He played the role of a North Korean soldier who fell in love with a South Korean woman who accidentally landed in North Korea while paragliding. People not only were attracted to Hyun Bin for his acting but also to his age-defying looks. Upon asking about his skincare secret, he put most of his emphasis on moisturising. He uses hydrating sheet masks which contain hyaluronic acid and ceramide that helps keep his skin youthful.


9. Son Ye-Jin

Son Ye-jin is a South Korean actress who started her career in the entertainment industry with the television drama “Delicious Proposal.” The movie that took her career to next level was “The Classic” and “Summer Scent” in 2003. She also gained her recognition internationally through her role in the drama “Crash Landing On You.” Since Son Ye-jin has such flawless skin, people assumed that she gives special attention to her skin, but to their surprise, Ye-jin revealed that it’s impossible for her to follow all the 10 step skincare routine, so she sticks to a simple beauty routine that is around two to three steps long and follows a healthy diet.


10. Park Min-Young

Park Min-young is a South Korean actress who made her debut in the entertainment industry through a Telecom commercial in 2005. Later she entered the film industry in 2006 with a sitcom “High Kick.” After this, she continues to appear in any other dramas. Min-young got her breakthrough internationally through her acting in the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” in 2010. Park Min-young, as her name suggests, looks really young for her age. Besides having flawless skin, she also has the charm to make anyone fall in love with her. Her secret to such flawless and age-defying skin is “SHEET MASKS”. She uses two to three sheet masks on a daily basis.