Article: Top 10 Son Ye-Jin Dramas And Movies

She is Son Eon-Jin, a South Korean and one of the high-rated actresses. She has played some incredible and notable characters in movies and dramas, which melted the fans to love her with every role she portrayed. She has a vibe and personality of being fearless, bold, and versatile. She is now married to a South Korean actor & her co-star Hyun Bin, in the movie 'The negotiation' & drama 'Crash Landing on You.' The fanbase started pairing these two since 'the negotiation,' though it is not a romance genre. They dated a while after the 2019-2020 CLOY success and married this march 31st, 2022. She has an engagement with the agent company - MS Team. Here are the Top 10 dramas/movies of Son Ye Jin.

1. Crash Landing On You (Drama)

This 2020 drama is a North-South Korea border-based story, which became the top-rated K-drama and achieved fame internationally. Son Ye Jin, Yoon Se-Ri is a self-made businesswoman and an heiress, and Hyun-Bin is a North Korean Army officer, Ri Jung Hyuk (Captian Ri). While paragliding, an unexpected weather condition lands Yoon Se-Ri in the Demilitarized zone. But the North Korean side of DMZ. It is so melting to watch Ri care for and help Se-Ri hide and send her back to the South to date.


2. Be With You (Movie)

Be with you is a decent and innocent movie portraying the romantic relationship between a husband-wife and their kid. The fantasy shown seems realistic and touching, which counts as one of the best works of Son Ye-Jin. So Ji-Sub, starring as a husband and Kim Ji-hwan their kid, plots around a promise made by Soo-ah (Son Ye-jin) before her death that she will be back soon in the Rainy season. The movie is all about the reunion of this small family. Yes, we have a condition; she remembers nothing. Does the magic of Soo-Ah's return remain temporary and part ways again? Or do they live happily after?


3. Something In The Rain (Drama)

Our beloved actors Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae-In, steal every heartbeat of the audience, converting them into die-heart fans. It's a taboo-breaking age-gap love story. She is older and his sister's best friend, whereas he is younger and her best friend's brother to her. Interesting? More interesting the story gets when they meet each other, hide from everyone when they get into trouble with parental approval and family, and much more drama. They have very appealing and strong chemistry to heat the coziness. Do they end up together? Or is there a sad love story version?


4. Personal Taste (Drama)

Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) and  Park Gae In (Son Ye Jin) are roommates. He has very tidy habits of organizing and managing stuff with cleanliness, and she is in contrast to him. He is mistaken as he is gay even by Park Gae In. Eventually, he falls in love with her. Who will believe he is straight? Fell in love with a girl like Park Ga-In? Will she accept his love and have the same bond again? The bond and the mistaken plot are a must-watch.


5. The Negotiation (Movie)

In this movie, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin became co-actors for the first time. The negotiation is a thrilling crime story about how a crisis negotiator, Son Ye-Jin, has to deal with a hostage situation caused by Min Tae-gu, Hyun Bin. The calm-headed negotiator, Ha Chae-Yoon, is played by Son Ye-Jin. The film is still an evergreen piece by the leads. Watch her attempts to crack his motivations, which end with thrill.


6. Thirty-Nine (Drama)

Thirty-Nine, a 2022 released drama about three best friends who are always there for each other. It is a roller coaster ride of laughter, love-life & career-life crisis, and emotional damage, this bond of three best friends manages to cope with their feelings. Cast follows- Cha Mi-Jo (Son Ye-Jin), a Dermatologist; Yeong Chan Young (Jeon Mi-Do), an actor and Jang Joo-Hee (Kim Ji-Hyun), a department store- cosmetic manager.


7. A Moment To Remember (Movie)

Following the 2003 classic movie, A moment to Remember also filled the box office with love in 2004. The film is a Japanese television drama based on 2001's 'Pure Soul.' The lead Su-Jin (Son Ye-Jin) is an Alzheimer's patient, a disease that cannot be cured but treated. Hard to live with memories lost, more hard for the person living with a patient with Alzheimer's. Let's watch and see if Jung woo Sung, who plays Cheol-Su, Su-jin's (son ye jin) partner, copes or gives up. You won't forget any moment they spend together. They showcase every moment worth remembering.


8. The Classic (Movie)

Directed by Kwak Minjae, 'The Classic' is an actual classic movie of 2003 unfolding a love story between a daughter, her mother, her future father, and his best friend. Quite confusing, right? The film will take you back and forth with convincing feelings, two stories that have one ultimate end. Son ye Jin has a dual character portraying Ji-Hae and Ju-Hie (mother). The classic has a spark to make you cry and laugh. The plot will get stuck in your mind. Risk it! It has some unusual dots joining the past, present & future.


9. Don't Look Back: The Legend Of Orpheus (Movie)

Will you choose love or revenge? Son Ye Jin, playing Jo Hae Woo, an heiress to the Gaya Hotel, and Kim Nam-Gil as Han Yi Soo, the son of a father who is after taking revenge for his father's death. He thinks that Jo Hae Woo's father is responsible for the murder. On the other side, he is in love with her. Will he choose love or revenge?


10. Pirates (Movie)

You already know a different version of Pirates. Korean Pirate is a setting in the Joseon Dynasty era. A giant whale swallows the royal seal of Emperor Ming. In various attempts to get back the stamp, Jang Sa Jung (Kim Nam-Gil) and the team of Mountain Bandit clash with the captain of Pirates Yeo-Wol (Son Ye-jin). Both undertake the same task, seeing how the adventure rolls around the ship they travel in with a comedic touch. To watch Son Ye Jin in such a royal, adventurous role is a treat.