Article: Top 10 Vampire Storyline K-Dramas/Movies

The Korean entertainment sector creates numerous movies and dramas but dramas precisely. There are many vampire-based dramas but a minimal amount of films to watch. Yet covering up all the plot and storylines, K-dramas are at their peaks. A protagonist being a vampire is in itself a different plot to create. K-dramas have some handsome and beautiful vampires to portray their backstories and incidents. Some are natural vampires, and some are accidental vampires. If you want to watch multiple genres in one go, these listed-down ones can serve your taste. Vampires are giving you complimentary romance, crime, fantasy, legal, and medical dramas.

1. Orange Marmalade

Starring  Yeo Jin-goo as Jung Jae-min, Kim Seolhyun as Baek Ma-Ri (the vampire), Lee Jong-hyun as Han Si-Hoo, and Gil Wun-Hye a Jo Ah-Ra, the drama is inclusive of fantasy and coming of age romance genre with vampire plot. It revolves around teenagers. One of them is a vampire. She wants to settle down quietly in a new city around human society, hiding her identity as it is hard to prove she is harmless. Things get weird after an accident with her school crush. What incident? How weird? Secrets are secrets until you watch the drama.


2. Vampire Detective

Starring Lee Joon as Yoon San (the vampire), Oh Jung-Se as Yong Goo Hyung and Lee Se-young as Han Gyeo-wool, and Lee Chung Ah as Yo-Na, a sudden conversion from human into vampire gets surprising to Yoon San. He is a private detective, and his sudden change to a vampire helps him to solve more cases. His investigation rises, searching for reasons, how and what made him become a vampire all of a sudden. If you are curious about how things unfold later, be a detective and watch the show.


3. Blood

Wonder how a vampire surviving in a hospital working as a surgeon, a doctor shuts off his thirst for blood. Starring Ahn Jae-Hyun as Park Ji-sang (Jason Park, the vampire), Ji Jin-Hee as Lee Jae-Wook, and Koo Hye-Sun as Yoo Ri-Ta, the vampire of the story is a kind-hearted person. He tries to save lives and falls in love with a physician doctor at the same hospital. He, who is all good being a vampire, now has to fight the evil politics and cruelty led by the hospital director, Lee Jae-Wook. If you like the medical drama genre with some fantasy in complementary, this drama is a go-go for you.


4. Scholar Who Walks The Night 

It has historical settings of the Joseon dynasty, involving the crown prince, locals, and vampires. The cast follows- Lee Joon-Gi as Kim Sung-Yeol (Night Scholar, Vampire), Lee Yu-Bi as Jo Yang-sun (bookseller), or Seo Jin, and Lee Soo-Hyuk as Gwi (the evil vampire). Seo Jin is the female lead, who wears man-like clothes to earn money and works as a bookseller. She meets the guardian vampire. He asks her to find a book. He, the guardian, is assigned to maintain peace and deal with those who disobey the rules. When Gwi is craving the throne and power, this night scholar fights back with an act of hidden revenge.


5. Vampire Prosecutor

It has two seasons to count and watch. The sequel (2nd season) sees a lot more fame. Min Tae-Yeon (Yeon Jung-Hoon) is shown as a prosecutor and later becomes a vampire after being bitten by another. He is a kind-hearted soul who tries to give justice to the victims by drinking their blood. Why kind-hearted? Because he suffers physical pain by doing this. The later sequel part is about the investigation regarding a case relating to his past. It’s a crime, a fantasy worth watching legal drama. Constant & other casts from both parts- Lee Young-Ah as Yoo Jung-In, Lee Won-Jong as Hwang Soon-Bom.


6. Hello Franceska 

Hello, Franceska is a South Korean sitcom, hence a comedy, fantasy version of tv series. The storyline is about Doo-il, a regular unlucky guy who accidentally meets a gang of vampires. After a bite on him by Franceska, the vampire, he becomes one of them. Having no other option, they all live in Seoul, acting like a fake family till everything sorts around. Doo-il is waiting to become a human again. The cast follows as- Lee Doo-il as Doo-Il, Shim Hye-Jin as Franceska, Park Hee-Ji as Ahn Sung- Deak, Jung Ryeo-Won, Lee Kyeon, and Park Sel-gi as children. Do you think he will be back as a human?


7. Beautiful Vampire

A 500-year-old lady, oops! That would sound so wrong. A 500-year-old vampire Ran (Jung Yeon-Joo), is living a peaceful life in human society, just like she wanted in the Seoul lands. Wonder how she doesn’t age like others? she owns a make-up shop! Animal blood and looks are enough for her survival until she meets and falls in love with the landlord’s son Lee So-Yeon (Song Kang). With her thirst for human blood coming back, things magically change. The movie's name goes apt to the character because she is beautiful!


8. The Sweet Blood

The story is about a 118-year-old high school girl who is half human and half vampire. The fusion results from her mother being a human and her father a vampire; she desires to be a regular school-going girl. She didn’t need human blood desperately until her best friend’s sweet-sweet blood attracted the vampires, and he became the target. In the want of her best friend’s Sweet Blood, will she act vampire-like or a human being?


9. Thirst 

Thirst is about horror and romance. The horror starts with a Catholic priest becoming a vampire after he fails in some medical experiment on his body. The horror continues to point out ways along with romance, where the now vampire has a love affair with his best friend’s wife. The movie is not so well-known, but it stands for its movie category. Song Kang-Ho plays Priest Sang-Hyeon, Kim OK-Bin as Tae-Ju, Shin Ha-Kyun as Kang woo, and other characters.


10. The Vampire Lives Next Door To Us

Well, it’s not a drama or a movie either, but it appears to be a good and well-known short film, a film though. Evolving the concept in around 20 minutes, it tells a story about a drowned girl and a vampire in a morgue. Offer a few minutes for this worth-watching conversation between them, which unfolds their fate. The cast: Park So Dam as Na mi (the girl), Ji Sung as Han Chang Ho (the vampire)

Other Kdramas and movies that will fit the best Vampire storyline radar are Vampire Flower, Vampire Idols, Vampire my love, Vampire Cop Ricky, You are my Vampire, and Freeze.