Article: Top 10 Short & Sweet C-Dramas For Busy People

Chinese dramas are very long as they are good, but because of their length, busy people might skip them. Therefore, listed are some of the C-dramas that have less than twenty-five episodes of mostly 45 minutes and are sweet.

1. My Little Princess

My Little Princess describes the story of a wealthy girl, Lin Xing Chen. She was supposed to marry Zheng Chu Yao, but her pride was broken when he announced that he was interested in another classmate of hers who was poor. She vows revenge on him by making him fall for her, but the obstacle named Jiang Yu Nian always ruins her plan. It has sixteen episodes with 30-55 minutes of duration.

2. Flipped 

Flipped is a fantasy C-drama about a brother, Qi Xun, who can teleport to any destination just by imagining it in his mind. His sister also has the gift of seeing the future, but every power has side effects. Both want to heal, and the only possible human to heal them is a painter named Feng Shuang Shuang. It has twenty-four episodes with 30-40 minutes of duration.

3. A Love So Beautiful 

The iconic C-drama you must watch and the excuse of not having time will not work here as there are only twenty-four episodes with 25-55 minutes of duration. Chen Xiaoxi is a straightforward girl with a bubbly nature. She has a crush on his classmate, Jiang Chen, who appears cold on the outside but is warm-hearted on the inside.

4. The Big Boss

The Big Boss C-drama describes the story of a high school girl, Ye Mu Xi, who, on her first day, is shocked to know that her frenemy, Liao Dan Yi, is now her classmate. She decides to make his life hell by being a step ahead of him in everything, but Liao Dan Yi is not your ordinary boy, and he knows his frenemy way better. There are only eighteen episodes with 35-45 minutes of duration.

5. The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love is a historical C-drama, and, yes, it is short, with only twenty-four episodes of 35-40 minutes duration. It showcases the story between the 8th prince of Dongyue, a fictional country, Mo Lian Cheng, and Qu Xiao Tan, a straightforward woman who travels back in time in the body of Mo Lian Cheng’s wife body.

6. Sweet Teeth

Sweet Teeth describes the story of a dentist, Ai Jing Chu, who also teaches at the University of Donghu, and among the students, he is the most handsome man. However, the librarian of the same university, Zeng Li, thinks otherwise. But when Zheng Li wanted to get braces and was forced to become Ai Jing Chi's patient, things changed. It has twenty-two episodes of 45 minutes duration.

7. Stop! Miss Hua

Stop! Miss Hua describes the story of a wealthy woman, Hua Ming Yue, who doesn't know the concept of working hard as she gets what she wants. Until she meets a tall and dashing former firefighter, Qin Dong Hai, who vows to get her back on the right track. The series has twenty-four episodes of 45 minutes duration.

8. Perfect And Casual 

Perfect And Casual is the story of an icy college professor, Zhang Si Nain, known as a male god, and his warm student, Yun Shu. Their first encounter did not go well. But when she finds out that he is her college professor, The rumors start in college. To keep it down, they enter into a contractual marriage. It has twenty-four episodes of 45 minutes duration.

9. Professional Single

Professional Single describes the story of two art students, Yuan Qian, and Qin Shen, who are opposite to each other except since birth. They have the mindset that they will be single forever and have no problem with the same. The series is short and uncomplicated, with twenty-four episodes of 45 minutes.

10. She Is The One

She Is The One describes the story of Yuan Yue Yue, and her parents forced her to take her sister's place and marry an ultra-rich man, Wen Jin Chen. She runs from the wedding and enters a car without knowing Wen Jin Chen is in the passenger seat. The series has twenty-four episodes with 45 minutes of duration.