Article: Top 10 C-Dramas You Must Watch Once In Your Life

There are so many C-dramas to watch, but choosing what to watch is not easy, and which genres might also jumble people. That is why given below are some of the dramas of different genres like romance, comedy, and thriller that you should give a chance at least once.

1. The Endless Love

The Endless Love describes the story of Gu Ye Bai, a gifted art student. When he is about to enter a competition due to a psychological hurdle, he loses sight of colors. Then, a girl named Lu You Yan walked into his life and helped him achieve his goals. This drama is sweet yet heart-wrenching to watch.

2. Here To Heart

If you want to watch a series where a couple reunites after years and want to become a couple again, then this Here To Heart C-drama is for you. Zhan Nanxian is a sharp young man who, with his classmate, creates a company. Wen Nuan is a successful young woman who quits her job in England and joins the company as Xhan Nanxian’s executive assistant.

3. Love Me If You Dare

Love Me If You Dare is a masterpiece of physiological thriller drama that, with every episode, will give you chills. Jian Yao starts to work as a translator at a very isolated house in the middle of nowhere. The owner of the house, Bo Jinyan, is a criminal physicist who has the power to go inside any criminal. He witnessed a bad incident and isolated himself in his work. When things in China give him a flashback of his past, he asks Jian Yao to become his assistant and work on the case with him.

4. Eternal Love

A historical reunion of three lifetimes of lovers is what this drama is about. Bai Qian and Ye Hua never get a happy ending in their lifetimes until seventy thousand years later, they meet again, and this time, they, as well as fate, are on their side to not let these lovers separate with so many hurdles coming in their lives.

5. Love O2O

With so many dramas having breakups or misunderstandings, watching Love O2O is the breeze of fresh air for the audience. It is about Xiao Nai and Bei Weiwei, two gorgeous-looking people with genius minds. They both are majoring in computer science and love to play online games. They meet in the game and become lovers without knowing their identity in real life.

6. You Are My Hero

You Are My Hero describes the story of a freshly graduated medical doctor, Mi Ka, who goes to a jewelry store and gets attacked by robbers. A special team of the SWAT was in charge of getting people safe. She met Captain Xing Ke Lie, who saved her, but he was in his combat costume, and she couldn’t see his face. A few years later, she joins the SWAT training program and meets him again without knowing his real identity.

7. Mysterious Love

Mysterious Love is about a quirky theater actress, Ruan Nian Chu, and an arrogant but talented Li Teng. Li Teng saves Nian Chu from a dangerous situation and becomes close. They started dating but broke up due to different life tracks. Five years later, they meet again, and their story and feelings for each other continue.

8. Find Yourself

Find Yourself describes the story of He Fan Xing, whose professional and personal life is not taking her anywhere. During this difficult time, an older man, Ye Lu Ming, enters her life. He tries to help her by giving her good knowledge, leading to a great bond between them.

9. The Oath Of Love

The Oath Of Love is a beautiful drama about a young girl, Lin Zhi Xiao, who is gifted to play Cello. She was about to graduate from college and make her career playing Cello when she got the news that her father had been diagnosed with cancer. She leaves everything and spends time with him in the hospital. She meets her father’s doctor, Gu Wei, who is cold, but as they spend time together, their feelings grow for each other.

10. Miss Crow With Mr. Lizard 

Miss Crow With Mr. Lizard describes a young, passion-filled man, Gu Chuan, who meets with a tragic accident. He got a heart transplant and was saved. However, he cannot do many exercises and feels emotions that will raise his heartbeat higher than usual. Trying to adjust to his life, he meets Jiang Xiao Ning, a young girl whose past is also an untold story of sorrow.