Article: Top 10 Short & Sweet K-Dramas For Busy People

Most of the K-dramas are sixteen episodes but almost more than an hour per episode, and it is hard to finish an entire episode for busy people. Therefore, listed are some of the K-dramas of shorter duration per episode so busy people can comfortably binge-watch them.

1. Nevertheless

Nevertheless, it describes the story of Park Jae Eon, who doesn't believe in commitment and attachment. He is cheerful but doesn't open his heart to anyone as much as anyone tries. Until a girl named Yoo Na Bi decides to change it. She wants to date but doesn't believe in love or destiny. It has ten episodes.

2. Mad For Each Other 

Mad For Each Other describes the story of No Hwi Oh, a detective, but due to a crazy incident, he is no longer liable to control his anger, which turns his life upside down. On the other hand, Lee Min Kyung lived an ordinary life until an incident happened, which made her a prisoner of her thoughts. It has thirteen episodes of 35 minutes.

3. Happiness

Happiness describes the story of Yoon Sae-bom, who is a special agent. She finally bought her dream apartment with the help of his detective friend, Jung Yi Hyun. She believes everything will be okay until a virus spreads in her apartment complex. Her apartment complex is quarantined from the outside world. It has twelve episodes.

4. Youth In May

Youth In May describes the story set in 1980, where the idealistic medical student, Hwang Hee-tae, falls in love with a nurse, Kim Myung-hee, on a blind date set by his father. However, the 1980 Gwangju Uprising turned their lives upside down. It has twelve episodes.

5. Bad And Crazy

Bad And Crazy describes the story of a police officer, Ryu Sool-yeol, who is talented and uses his skills to seek justice in a very questionable way. Until a crazy police officer named K joins the squad and brings Sool-yeol’s humanity back. It has twelve episodes.

6. Noble, My Love

Noble, My Love describes the story of Kang Hoon, the CEO of a big company. One day, he was attacked by some goons and was injured. Luckily, a veterinarian, Yoon Seo, finds him and saves his life. Kang Hoon leaves without saying anything after gaining consciousness. He expected that she would call for money, but she didn’t. Which makes him curious about her. This series has 20 episodes of 15 minutes only.

7. Sound Of Magic

Sound Of Magic describes the story of a young high school girl, Yoon Ah Yi, who is left alone to look after her and her sister by their father. She struggles to do many part-time jobs, yet she doesn’t let it affect her studies and come first. Until she meets a magician in an amusement park, Ah Yi. It has only six episodes, and interestingly, you will binge-watch it.

8. Lovestruck In The City

Lovestruck In The City describes the story of Park Jae Won, who meets a random woman, Lee Eun Oh, and falls in love with her on a summer holiday. They both came to the seaside town to spend their summer on the beach. As their holiday is over, Lee Eun Oh and Park Jae Won parted away with a promise that she will find her soon in the city, but she never calls him. This series consists of seventeen episodes of 33 minutes.

9. Sassy Go Go

Sassy Go Go describes the story of eighteen-year-old students who study at a prestigious boarding school that only focuses on good grades. This drama teaches a lot that having a hobby is as important as learning. The honor and dancing club students come together to form a cheerleading club. It has twelve episodes.

10. Ma Boy

Ma Boy describes the story of Geu Rim, a student studying in art school. She has a dream to become a pop star. She has a new roommate, Irene, who is actually a boy named Hyun Woo. And also, his persona is a pretty female CF star. It has only three episodes of 60 minutes in duration. It is a fun and easy-going drama if you want to watch something short.