Article: Top Ten K-Dramas For Hopeless Romantics

In this article, we are discussing some of the best romantic K-dramas to watch if you're feeling lovesick or if you need a little pick-me-up. These K-dramas are sure to make you swoon.

1. Descendants Of The Sun

In this series, we follow Shi-Jin, who is the captain of the special forces. One day, he catches a thief with his Sergeant Major. Due to an injury, the thief was sent to the hospital. Shi-Jin realizes that the thief had stolen his phone. He was forced to return to the hospital, where he met Doctor Mo-Yeon. Shi-Jin immediately falls in love with Doctor Mo-Yeon.

2. Crash Course In Romance

In this series, we follow, Nam Haeng-Seon, who used to be a talented national athlete. She is a positive person with a lot of stamina and is very hard-working. She runs a restaurant and looks after her brother and her young daughter. One day Nam unexpectedly runs into Choi Chi-Yeol, an instructor in the education field.

3. Suspicious Partner

In this series, we follow Bong-Hee, an apprentice at a Judicial Research Institute. One day, she bumps into Ji-Woo on the subway. Ji-Wook is a brilliant prosecutor. Bong-Hee later runs into her boyfriend in a hotel lobby and finds him cheating with another woman. Disgruntled Bong-Hee decides that she will sleep with the next man she meets. That man happened to Ji-Wook. Both Bong and Ji-Wook agreed to have drinks and passed out. Bong-Hee finds herself at Ji-Wook's place the following day. Later, Bong-Hee finds out she must work with Ji-Wook at the prosecutor’s office. Both their lives are entangled with each other.

4. Romance Is A Bonus Book

In this series we follow, Cha Eun-Ho who is the youngest chief editor at his publishing company. He is an intelligent writer and is well-known and respected in his field. He is a warm person with a kind and reasonable personality. Kang Dang-Yi is a broke divorcee. She tries to find a job in the publishing field, and finally, she can secure a job at Cha Eun-Ho's company. Cha Eun-Ho and Kand Dang-Yi start developing feelings for each other.

5. See You In My 19th Life

In this series, we follow Bang Ji-Eum, a woman at the beginning of her nineteenth life. In each life from the age of 8 to 12, she can remember the memories of her previous lives. She hates recalling those memories, and at the end of each of her lives, she wished never to be reborn again. In her eighteenth life, she was born Yoon Joo-Won and fell in love with Mun Seo-Ha. In her 19th life, she is reborn as Ban Ji-Eum and runs into Mun Seo-Ha again. Both slowly develop feelings for each other.

6. Mr. Queen

In this series, we follow Jang Bong-Hwan, a chef at the Blue House. He is arrogant and a womanizer. He is known for his cooking skills as well as his charm. Due to an accident, his soul was transferred into the body of Queen Kim So-Yong in the Josen Period. He must now find a way to survive in the Joseon Period and must also find a way to return to his original body. We see him and King Cheoljong, the husband of Queen Kim So-Yong, fall in love with each other.

7. Strong Girl Bong-Soon

In this series, we follow Do Bong-Soon who, is an extraordinary power. She has super-strength. Her goal is to make a video game with a main character just like her. One day, Bong-Soon gets attacked by a mob of young men who she easily beats. During this fight, she runs into Ah Min-Hyuk, the CEO of a gaming company. On seeing her strength, Hyuk wants to hire her as his bodyguard.

8. She Would Never Know

In this series, we follow Yoon Song-A, a hard-working woman in a cosmetic company. She desires to open her own cosmetic brand. She is a busy woman and has no time for relationships. She works with Chae Hyung-Seung, who is a marketer in the company. He immediately becomes enamored by Yoong Song-A and pursues her.

9. Crashing Landing On You

In this series, we follow Yoon Se-Ri, an heiress in South Korea. She is intelligent, cut-throat, and rich. One day, while paragliding, an accident happened, and she was forced to have an emergency landing on the borders of North Korea. She meets an army officer named Jeong-Hyeok. He is a part of the North Korean army. Hyeok tries to protect and conceal Yoon as they lead her back to safety.

10. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

In this series, we follow Yoon Hye-Jin, who is a dentist. She is a hard worker and is resilient. She is also arrogant and can be pretentious. Due to an incident, she was forced to move to the quiet sea-side town of Gongjin. In this town, she meets a man named Hong Du-Sik, who is also called Captain Hong. Both hate each other at first, but as they start to understand and get to know each other, they slowly develop feelings for each other.