Article: Top Ten J-Dramas For Hopeless Romantics

In this article, we discuss some of the best romantic Japanese dramas to watch if you're feeling lovesick or need a little pick-me-up. These Japanese dramas are sure to make you come back for more.

1. From Me To You

In this series, we follow Sawako Kuronuma, also called Sadako by her classmates. She is a sweet and shy girl who likes to keep to herself. She does not have many friends, and her classmates often make fun of her due to her quiet nature. Her life gets turned upside-down when Shota Kazehaya, the most popular boy in school, starts to take an interest in her.

2. Switched

In this series we follow Ayumi Kohinata and her friends, Koshiro Mizumoto and Shunpei Kaga. Koshiro tells Ayumi that he likes her, and both decide to date each other.  Ayumi’s body gets switched with Zenko Umine, a classmate. Ayumi must find a way to return to her original body.

3. Good Morning Call

In this series, we follow Nao, who can rent the condo of her dreams. Nao finds out that she must share the apartment with Uehara, the heartthrob at her school. Slowly, both spend time together and eventually fall in love.

4. First Love 

In this series, we follow Yae Noguchi and Harumichi Namiki, who were each other's first loves. We see that they had met each other in the 1990s. We see how they grew up together in the 2000s. We see their relationship grow and the different challenges they had to face together. Yae Noguchi wanted to become a flight attendant. Namiki wanted to become a pilot for the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force.

5. Many Faces Of Ito

In this series, we follow Rio Yazaki, a middle-aged screenwriter. She had once written a hit drama called Tokyo Doll House. It became a top-rated drama. This became her only hit drama.  Her other dramas were not popular. One day while giving a lecture Rio noticed that four women in her class were all in love with the same man. Rio decides to write a drama based on this.

6. Fishbowl Wives

In this series, we follow Sakura Hiraga, a woman in her thirties who runs a hair salon. She is married; she and her husband live in a luxurious apartment together. At first, we see that Sakura has everything she wants in life. She is envied by others. However, we see that her husband beats her. She is unable to leave her husband. One day, she runs into a strange man.

7. Why Didn’t I Tell You A Million Times

In this series we follow Yui Soma and Naoki Torino. They were childhood friends, but they eventually lost contact with each other. After several years, they meet each other again and fall in love. Naoki finally decides to propose to Yui however due to a mysterious incident he dies. Yui is unaware of Naoki’s death and is heartbroken by his disappearance. She tries to find him and uncover the truth. Naoki’s spirit tries to contact Yui, but she cannot hear or see him.

8. Quartet

In this series, we follow a group of musicians: Maki, Suzume Sebuki, Yutaka Iemori, and Tsukasa Beppu. They met each other; afterward, they decided to form a quartet and live together in Karuizawa. All of them are hiding a big secret.

9. My Husband Won't Fit

In this series, we follow the life of a married couple, Kumiko and Kenichi. They had fallen in love with each other when they were in college. Later, as a married couple, they realize that they are not physically compatible with each other. We see the different problems that originate from an incompatible marriage.

10. Cursed In Love

In this series, we follow the lives of Nao and Tsubaki. When Nao was a child, her mother was accused of the murder of Tsubaki’s father. Nao and Tsubaki had been childhood friends, and both their parents used to run wagashi shops. Tsubaki had accused Nao’s mother of murder. After the arrest of Nao’s mother, she was soon kicked out of the shop. Years after this incident, Nao and Tsubaki meet each other again. Nao immediately recognizes him, while Tsubaki is not able to recognize her. Tsubaki becomes interested in Nao and proposes to her.