Article: Top Ten Thai Movies Nominated For The Academy Award For Best International Feature Film

The Academy Award for Best International Feature Film is one of the Academy Awards presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the United States (AMPAS). A feature-length film picture created outside of the United States that features non- English dialogue. Here are some great Thai films that have been for this award.

1. Inhuman Kiss

A female head would separate from her body at night and seek flesh and blood. The deaths of their animals frighten the villagers, and this is when the hunt begins. A friend joined for an unexplained purpose, while another chose to stand alongside Sai despite knowing the awful reality.


2. Malila: The Farewell Flower

Shane and Pitch, former lovers, reconcile and attempt to repair the scars of their past, while Pitch is afflicted with sickness. Pitch devotes his final time, to ceremonial jewellery. Meanwhile, Shane resolves to become a Buddhist monk until he runs across his beloved in another form one night in a graveyard.


3. By The Time It Gets Dark

She was a student activist in 1970, a waitress who constantly changed jobs, and now a film director. All of our lives are just tangentially related to one another.


4. Arpat

The MC becomes a monk in a rural monastery. He will then learn to embrace his guilt and avoid improper behavior.


5. How To Win At Checkers

After losing both parents, 11-year-old Oat faces an uncertain future when his elder brother participates in the annual military recruitment lottery. Unable to persuade his brother to do anything to improve his destiny, Oat takes matters into his own hands, which has surprising repercussions.


6. The Teacher’s Diary

The movie is about two lonely teachers, a guy, and a woman. Despite being a year apart, they were both assigned to the same rural school. Because she was amid nowhere, the female-assigned initially attempted to write her thoughts in a journal.


7. Countdown

Three Thai teenagers in New York City are preparing for the best New Eve ever. They requested that Jesus, a drug dealer, deliver certain items to their flat so that they could party and countdown the end of the year in style. They had no idea that presence that night would impact their lives forever.


8. Headshot

A cop who becomes a hitman for a gang dedicated to killing people above the law has his life flipped upside down by a single terrible blow.


9. Kon Khon

Chart, raised by his master after his family deaths and groomed to be a Khon dancer, falls connected with Rambai, the dancing teacher.


10. Best Of Times

Men, unlike goldfish, do not readily forget, only that it sometimes hurts too much to remember. Nonetheless, everlasting love is always worthwhile to battle. Best of Times, a romantic novel about two couples, demonstrates how even the briefest interactions with real love can leave you with lifetime memories.