Article: Top 10 Wuxia Dramas That Have Happy Endings

While it is not uncommon for Wuxia dramas to have happy endings, it is less of a surety than in others. Wuxia dramas, even when focused on romance, are very complicated in their world-building. Primarily, they have dark battles and heavy political unrest. They also employ misunderstanding plots that run deep. After such intensely upsetting plotlines, it becomes hard to digest a sad ending. Thus, it is natural for those factors to not be everyone’s cup of tea. But fear not, for here is a list of Wuxia dramas with happy endings. It is always heartwarming to see the resilient characters overcome the chaos of their world until they can finally bask in their deserved happiness.

1. My Sassy Princess

My Sassy Princess is a Chinese drama starring Zheng Yecheng and Yuan Bingyan. They show great chemistry together. The story is about a troublesome princess who falls head over heels for a cold and uptight General and begins to pursue him. Initially, the General is indifferent and ruthless towards her, but with time, he warms up, and we realise he has been investigating the deaths in her family. This story is funny and engaging, with a happy ending.

2. Word Of Honour

It is rare for Wuxia BL dramas to have happy endings. However, Word of Honour was one of the hit projects of 2021 because it went against various unspoken conventions of the Wuxia Danmei Genre. The official drama ended with Wen Kexing, played by Gong Jun, sacrificing his life to save his terminally ill soulmate, Zhou Zishu, played by Zhang Zehan. We see his hair turn white as he physically gives up his time in life, and that's how the last episode ends. However, they released a special episode afterwards, which is not on most official streaming sites but was uploaded separately. There, we see the two of them loving happily in the mountains with their disciple, Chenglin, who visits them often.

3. Ashes Of Love

Ashes of Love is a Wuxia drama with a very intriguing plotline. It follows the story of a flower princess who is fed the loveless pill upon birth and hidden for her whole life to avoid the love trail she is fated to face. When an injured foreign man made it to where she lived, she treated him and asked him to take her to his world. Breaking free of the shackles of confinement, this was the moment she first stepped out, and unfortunately, it is also what set her trial to play— soon, she got caught in a love triangle between two brothers. Despite the wars and the deaths, this drama ends happily.

4. Love And Redemption

Love and Redemption is a fantasy drama featuring a magic and martial arts tournament where the male and female leads meet each other and start to fall in love. They get separated on the way, but being fated reunites them at a later time. The main male character, Si Feng, suffers a punishment that requires him to wear a mask that will only come off when he falls in love. This punishment hinders the revival of their relationship, yet ultimately, they are successful. The drama is romantic and sometimes saddening. Yet, the ending is happy, which gives it good closure.

5. Love Between Fairy And Devil

Starring Dylan Wang and Wu Shuxin, Love Between Fairy and Devil became a hit drama for the themes and the extremely enchanting love story between a low-level fairy and the devil lord, whom she accidentally resurrects. The drama follows a very intense progression of events, as is the usual pattern in Wuxia dramas. However, with things falling into place in the end, the drama gives viewers some peace, as the ending is happy. Not entirely, but enough to be comforting.

6. Wulin Heroes

Wulin Heroes is a drama about the struggle of a pure-hearted woman with big dreams in a world of intrigue and darkness. She has her reputation ruined by liars and betrayers, making it difficult for her to become the heroic martial artist she wants to be. Only after meeting the quiet physician did she learn how to sustain herself. She understood how to stand against all the hatred and wrongdoings of her world. She also understands love and the true spirit of becoming a hero. The ending of the drama is a happy one, as all issues get resolved.

7. Eternal Love Of Dreams

Eternal Love of Dreams is a hit Wuxia drama starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Gao Weiguang. It is a story about a nine-tailed fox maiden who, on her way to improving her cultivation, falls into trouble. At that time, the heavenly realm's emperor saves her, and she repays his debt by saving his life during his mortal trial. The ending is beautiful and cute, so viewers can watch the show without any worries!

8. The Legend Of Fuyao

Starring Ethan Juan and Yang Mi, The Legend of Fuyao has a very intriguing plotline. It is about a girl who served as a slave to a sect. She falls in love with a guy from a rival sect, and together they must tackle the multitude of issues plaguing their world until they can restore peace and stability. In the end, both of them found the stability they wished for and could finally be happy together.

9. Eternal Love

Eternal Love, or Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, is a drama that has had various spin-offs with a similar theme. This is a drama about the love trials that two immortals are forced to undergo as they unprecedentedly descend to the mortal realm as mortals. The story shows the great pain and suffering that the team leads have to go through with resilience. However, the ending provides some comfort, as it is a happy one.

10. Listening To Snow Tower

Listening Snow Tower is a drama about a place called the Listening Snow Tower and its master, who is an expert martial artist. He and the Blood Demon's daughter decide to fight against the destructive and horrible Bai Yue sect to bring them down and restore peace and clarity in the world they live in. The story is romantic at times and serious at others. Our consolation is that not only do they succeed in their mission, but they also get their happy endings.