Article: Top 10 Thai BL That Features A One-Night Stand

The popularity of watching various Thai BL series is increasing day by day. With so much romance and spicy scenes, people can’t resist their desire but have to watch it. There are soft BL series and BL series that no doubt will leave your mouth hanging.  Down is the list of Thai BL that features a one-night stand.

1. Between Us

Between Us describes the story of Team, who becomes a freshman in university and joins a swimming club. Even though he is very good at swimming, his traumatic past didn't let him participate and win competitions. Through the help of Win, a senior and vice president of the swimming club, the Team learns to live in the present. At first, they start with a one-night stand, but their confession of needing each other's support physically and emotionally wrecks the audience.

2. Bed Friend

Bed Friend describes the story of Uea, who has a traumatic past that gives him panic attacks. He hates playboys, and one of them is King, his colleague who just knows to flirt with him. After getting drunk, they spend the night together and become bed friends with no strings attached.

3. Big Dragon   

Big Dragon describes the story of Yai, who comes from a wealthy background and wants all the attention of him. Until Mangkorn comes into sight, a tall and dashing boy gets everyone’s, especially girls' attention. Yai wants to teach him a lesson as he wants the attention back and comes up with a plan with a nasty plot.

4. Moonlight Chicken

Moonlight Chicken describes the story of Jim, an ordinary guy selling chicken to support himself and his nephew. After encountering a drunk customer, Wen, things change between them and their feelings. They spend the night together and cannot stop thinking about each other. Even when Wen is a taken man.

5. Only Friends

Only Friends series is the current top and hot topic in the BL world. People were excited to see many of their favorite actors acting in a spicy series. It is about a group of people, Nick, Boston, Top, Mew, Sand, and Ray, who get tangled up with each other amidst sexual romance and friendship.

6. Unforgotten Night

Unforgotten Night describes the story of Kim, who gets heartbroken by his ex-boyfriend and friend. To drink away his pain, he goes to a bar, meets Kamol, and asks him to help him forget his past. They spend the night together, and when Kim wakes up, he is surrounded by Kamol's guard, but he runs away. Later, he discovers that Kamol is a Mafia boss and now wants Kim as his lover or boyfriend.

7. Together With Me

Together With Me describes the story of best friends Korn and Knock. After separation in their childhood, they unite again in college. After a passionate drunk night together, both can’t help but think about each other. Knock has a girlfriend and tries to focus on her. While Korn loves Knock for his happiness, he tries to be the best friend he can for him.

8. Love In The Air

Love In The Air describes the story of two pairs, Payu - Rain and Prapai - Sky. Sky has a traumatic past and can’t trust people easily as he thinks everyone is wrong. He goes with his friend Rain to a motorbike race event and meets with a flirty and wealthy man, Prapai. They spend the night together, and Sky leaves in the morning. But to his surprise, Prapai wants a relationship with him.

9. Be Mine Superstar 

Be Mine Superstar describes the story of a third-year student, Punn, who gets the internship to work on a drama set. Even though he gets the chance to learn from the profession, he is more excited to meet the beloved celebrity of the nation, Ashi. Punn is crazy for Ashi but tries to conceal it in front of him.

10. Love Mechanics

Love Mechanics describes the story of Mark and Vee. After spending the night together, they forced themselves to forget each other. Mark loves Vee but wants to end ties for everyone's sanity. Vee has a girlfriend, yet the thoughts of Mrak still haunt him.