Article: Top 10 Bickering Relationship Romance In The BL Series

I mean, who doesn't like bickering relationship romance that brings sparks, naughtiness, and immense butterflies to the audience? You will get to see them in the BL series that is listed below. BL series truly knows how to make a perfect relationship with bickering and romance.

1. Love In Translation

Love in Translation describes the story of Yang, a Chinese businessman who pursues business in Thailand. He is looking for ways to make his business successful in the long run. Until a boy named Phumjai, who wants to impress a Chinese influencer, becomes his hurdle of the time. They struggle to keep the business working because of their different opinions and conversations filled with banter.

2. A Shoulder To Cry On  

A Shoulder To Cry On is a recent Korean BL of two polar opposite students. Lee Da Yeol is an outsider in his school and just wants to graduate silently. His real joy and passion is when he plays Archery in the club. Until he meets Jo Tae Hyun, a notorious boy who gets away with everything. When he was in trouble, he lied that Lee Da Yeol was also involved in the chaos, making trouble for Da Yeol.

3. Wedding Plan

Wedding Plan describes the story of Namnuea, a wedding planner for groom-to-be, Sailom and bride-to-be Yiwa. Their wedding was fixed by their families and both are not happy with it. As Yiwa already has a lover, she makes the plan with Sailom that on their wedding day, she will run away, and both can be free. But Namnuea doesn’t know the plan, and his duties come first, then feelings for Sailom.

4. My Secret Love

My Secret Love describes the story of Kim, a college president who tries to keep discipline. Until Mek and his group played a very bad prank, putting the college's reputation down. Mek and his group are known for playing pranks until one goes bad. To maintain the reputation, the principal asked Kim and Mek to act as a couple.

5. Fish Upon The Sky 

Fish Upon The Sky describes the story of Pi, who has a crush on Nan, but due to his looks, he is not confident in confessing the love. His friends help him to get a makeover. But when he gets to confess, he meets his love rival, Mork. Things start to change when Pi feels something different for Mork.

6. Lovely Writer

Lovely Writer describes the story of Gene, who writes BL stories. One of his stories is being adapted into a series, and he was called for character selection. He meets Nubsib and feels an attraction to him. Until he has to let Nubsib live with him for the time being, making the story twisted.

7. Ameiro Paradox

Ameiro Paradox describes the story of Satoshi Onoe, a reporter of juicy weekly gossip in the magazine. At one time, his senior paired him up with Motoharu Kaburagi, a photographer. Both hate each other's guts because of their different views but later, start to be attracted to each other.

8. Destiny Seeker 

Destiny Seeker describes the story of Songkram and Aye, who are engineering students. Both live in a university dorm, and Songkram is the head of Dorm 3 while Aye is the head of Dorm 2. The dorm's students are always on their throats, making the story chaotic.

9. Gen Y 

Gen Y is the BL drama about Dr. Kit, who is cold yet friendly with people around him until he encounters a mischievous and flirting Mark. After certain events, Mark wants Kit to be his boyfriend. But Kit's cold nature does not allow him to accept the love of Mark. Mark runs after Kit every time, making their love banter hilarious and romantic for the audience.

10. A Tale Of Thousand Stars

A Tale Of Thousand Stars describes the story of Tian, a rich brat who loves to party. He has a heart disease and needs a heart transplant. The donor for him becomes Torfun, a girl who dies in an accident. He gets hold of her diary and decides to fulfill her wishes. He goes to a village in the mountains and meets Chief Phupha.