Article: Top 10 Bickering Relationship Romance In Thai Lakorn

In Thai Lakorn, you will find mostly how the love between the leads proceeds after their bickering relationship romance takes a turn. Listed below are some bickering relationship romances that will make you laugh and, at the same time butterflies all over your stomach.

1. Trab Fah Mee Tawan (My Forever Sunshine)

Trab Fah Mee Tawan describes the story of Paeng, whose life is tragic. After losing her father, she has to go live in the house of Artit. While approaching him for the first time, it didn't go well, and it nearly cost him his life. He hates her, and she was sent away for six years. Now, meeting each other again, he hates her more, but she promised, so she must endure it.

2. Online Cupids

Online Cupids describes the story of Praeprao, who has decided that she will not choose a guy just by his looks. As she gets heartbroken by his first love due to her ugly teeth, she is determined to not only go by the looks. Now she has become more beautiful, and a series of guys have come into her life wanting her, making her confused about her heart.

3. Full House

Full House describes the story of Om-am, who goes to Korea to work on her book as she wants to become a writer. Behind her back, her sister sells her house and runs with the money. When she returns, she figures that the house now belongs to a pop star, Mike. She is determined to get the house back in her name. She agrees to live with Mike under certain conditions.

4. I Wanna Be A Sup’Tar

I Wanna Be A Sup’Tar describes the story of Wan Neung, who wants to become a star, but her parents want her to study abroad. Win Pakorn was a star and left the industry five years ago. When he returned to Thailand, he gets the Wan Neung’s house. Now Wan Neung is homeless and roams around her former house. One day, a report comes, and Win asks Wan Neung if she can handle the reporter and live with him. And she succeeded.

5. Duang Jai Nai Fai Nhao

Duang Jai Nai Fai Nhao describes the story of young millionaire Yiamyuth, who believes money is superior to anything, even love. He looks carefree, but behind his mask, he craves love. As abandoned by his parents and had no proper childhood, he lacks love. Until he finds out about his after and decides to take revenge, he meets Dao Neur and both bicker.

6. My Friend, The Enemy 

My Friend, The Enemy is a psychological Thai drama. It is about four different opposite people. All play a significant role in each other’s lives. Nick, Wan, Beam, and Wayu continuously circle each other's lives and clash in every matter.

7. To Me It’s Simply You

To Me It’s Simply You describes the story of Kiew, a villager in E-san village. He works in Bangkok, and one day, his girlfriend breaks up with him. He gets back to the village and meets Chompoo, a young girl. At first, they fight a lot because Kiew wants to see his grandfather's land where Chompoo works.

8. My Precious Bad Luck

My Precious Bad Luck describes the story of Luckkana, whose life is said to be unlucky. She believes in fortune tellers. When the fortune teller tells her that her ex will bring a change in her life, she is determined to find her nerdy love from school, Chokebordee. She is shocked when she sees that her nerdy love has turned into a handsome man.

9. My Little Saucy Girl 

My Little Saucy Girl describes the story of Lukkaew, who is petite, but her character is big, and her nickname is Little Saucy Girl. She wants sustainable farming and advised farmers to make the farming system work in the village. The story takes a turn when a new Forest Chief makes an entry. Saran follows the book and not her rules, making the banter between them profound.

10. Nuay Lub Salub Love

Nuay Lub Salub Love describes the story of a police Inspector Chanathip, who has to go undercover as a manager for a lazy superstar Nubdao, after she gets shot. Chanathip had to go undercover to find out the drug dealer gang and reveal their gang's face to the public. Chanathip has to act gay to look after Nubdao, who lives dirty and lazy, which makes his life hard.