Article: Top 10 Bickering Relationship Romance In Korean Dramas

It is believed by all K-drama lovers that when it comes to showing the relationship between the leads bickering, then they are not behind. Many K-dramas take the story of how they bond but first fight and bicker with each other, then they blossom into love.

1. Doom At Your Service

Doom At Your Service describes the story of Tak Dong-gyung, who lost her parents at an early age. She is diagnosed with a brain tumor and has less than 100 days to live. She prays for the destruction of the world. Her prayers get fulfilled when the destruction himself, Myul Mang, comes to live with her in her house for 100 days.

2. Fight For My Way

Fight For My Way describes the story of chaotic childhood best friends, Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra. Ko Dong-man is a former taekwondo champion, while Choi Ae-ra is a receptionist. They are the definition of real best friends. As they are always fighting and at each other’s throats all the time. Together, they embark on the journey of achieving their goals.

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo describes the story of Kim Bok-joo, a weightlifter. She meets Jung Jae-yi and gets a crush on him. He is a weight loss doctor but can’t lose weight. She visits him through appointments. She is shocked when she learns that the doctor is the brother of Jung Joon-hyung, who knows her real identity.

4. Reply 1997

Reply 1997 is one of the best K-dramas where school students relive their moments again after a decade. An 18-year-old school student, Shi Won, idolizes a boyband, H.O.T., at her school time with her five high school friends. At 33 in 2012, she and her friends relived those school memories again and idolized a boyband.

5. My Strange Hero

My Strange Hero describes the story of Kang Bok Soo, who was falsely accused of an act of violence during his school time and was brutally expelled. The two people who accused him were his first love, Son Soo Jung, and a fellow student, Oh Se Ho. As an adult, his life was nearly anything but perfect; he took his revenge on both. Then, he visits his high school and runs into unexpected cases.

6. So I Married An Anti-Fan 

So I Married An Anti-Fan describes the story of Lee Geun-Yeong, who gets fired from her reporting job because of a K-pop idol, Hoo Joon, due to a misunderstanding. She protests against him, but his fans humiliate her. To keep the conspiracy low, the production team of K-pop idols decided to make a reality fiction show about Lee Geung-Yeong as an anti-fan of Hoo Joon.

7. Welcome To Waikiki 

Welcome To Waikiki is the best K-drama of comedy and hilarious scenes. Three confused men, Lee Joon-ki, Kang Dong-gu, and Cha Woo-sik, come together and open a guest house called ‘Waikiki.’ They don’t know how to run it, and an unexpected guest, Seo Jin, with her mysterious baby, makes the whole scene chaotic for them and the audience. Surely you will find clutching your stomach from laughter.

8. Emergency Couple

Emergency Couple describes the story of Jin Hee, a dietitian who is satisfied with her life until she meets a medical student, Chang Min. Chang Min belongs to an upper-class family, but his family doesn’t approve of Jin Hee. but they get married. After a certain period, problems arose, and they got divorced. Six years later, they completed their medical studies and now interned in a hostel where they met as an emergency doctor and worked together.

9. Age Of Youth

Age Of Youth is a youth K-drama that describes the story of five females in their twenties who come together to live in a house called “Belle Epoque,” “a beautiful time” in French. Even though they are five, all feel a sixth presence in the house of ghosts. All of them have seen ghosts differently. They start forming a close bond of sympathy and friendship.

10. Mad For Each Other

Mad For Each Other describes the story of two people with painful stories they are dealing with. No Hwi Oh is a detective in a police station, but one incident makes him crazy, and he can’t control his anger. Lee Min Kyung used to live a pretty life, but an incident happened, and everything changed.