Article: Top 10 Bickering Relationship Romance In Chinese Dramas

If you want to watch the genre of bickering relationship romance, then starting with Chinese drama is a highly recommended idea. Everyone knows that C-dramas never let anyone down in terms of romance and bickering relationships between the leads. Listed below are some C-dramas with bickering relationship romance among the leads.

1. My Love, Enlighten Me

My Love, Enlighten Me describes the story of a pop star Nuan Nuan, who gets the worst nightmare of her life about her group disbanding on their debut day. In search to fix her broken career, she meets up with a light and sound engineer guy, Han Che. He is cold-hearted but with impeccable memory.

2. Exclusive Fairytale

Exclusive Fairytale shows the story of Xiao Tu and Ling Chao, who grew up as neighbors and best mates. Ling Chao's mother always wanted a girl, so she adores Xiao Tu more than her son. When in university, everything changed, and Ling Chao realized that he couldn’t do anything without Xiao Tu.

3. Count Your Lucky Stars

Count Your Lucky Stars describes the story of Lu Xingcheng, a well-renowned fashion designer who has luck on his side every time. But everything changed when he had an accidental kiss with a girl, Tong Xiaoyou, a luckless fashion designer. After the kiss, both switch their fate in their luck. And their story takes a turn.

4. My Lonely Planet

My Lonely Planet is a very unique Chinese drama about how a comet brings polar opposite people together. It is about a tacky CEO, Miao Yu, and a fashion designer, Wang Chen, who doesn’t get mixed up with other fashion circles. The comet WTF666 brings a unique difference in their life that makes everything upside down for them.

5. My Roommate Is A Detective

My Roommate Is A Detective describes the story set in the mind-1920s. Qiao Chu is a resourceful officer who is on a hunt for a brutal, devious killer. For this, he decides to create an elite team of detectives. He asked a young man, Lu Yao, who just returned from Great Britain. Then, a young female reporter from the local newspaper. The three joined hands, and the fun began.

6. Parallel Love

Parallel Love describes the story of a young, successful event manager, Lin Miao, from 2020. She accidentally returned ten years in the year 2010. If she has to return to her life, she has to help Jiao Yang, the vice president of Hong Yu, become the president within three months, or, she will disappear forever.

7. Fairyland Lovers

Fairyland Lovers describes the story of a doctor, Bai Qi. He travels the world to help heal the spirits from the corrupted world and overcome their obsession. While traveling, he comes across Lin Xia, a girl. At first, he didn’t recognize her but later found out about their dating history a thousand years back.

8. Youth Unprescribed

Youth UnPrescribed describes the story of a friendship between eight medical students. Wu Yue starts his first year of medical college and meets seven classmates. Together, they all tackle the journey full of obstacles and medical mysteries. Gao Yiyang is a young girl accompanying her sickly mother, who also joins her classmates.

9. The Brightest Star In The Sky   

The Brightest Star In The Sky describes the story of an arrogant nature pop star, Zheng Bai Xu. To control his demanding nature, the company hires a girl assistant, Yang Zhenzhen, to help him overcome his nature. At first, they hate each other, but as they spend time, they see through each other’s. Yang Zhenzhen, after spending time with Zheng Bai Xu, realizes that he is a good person who needs love and care, and maybe she might be the one to give him that.

10. Please Love Me

Please Love Me describes the love story between a popular idol and a manicurist. The popular idol Yi Han and manicurist Pei You You get caught in a candid camera incident by accident. To let the fans cool down, they enter into a contract marriage. At first, both try hard to pretend they like each other, but when they start feeling for each other, many different conspiracies start to come forward.