Article: Top 10 Best Animated Chinese Movies

2019 has been proved a very successful year for the Chinese Animation Industry. As Japanese Anime also taking up all the spotlight, China is also on the path of making some wonderful and must-watch films from recent years. In recent years, Chinese animation has marked some different content, from 2D animation to 3D, bringing life to puppets, clay figures, and even paper cut-outs. Not with the emerging technology, Chinese animation showcases different stories and contents based on Chinese folklore and fairy tales which is so popular in Chinese Animation. So with this let’s have a look at some best products of Chinese Animation:

1. The Peacock Princess 

It is a Chinese folk tale from the Dai People. It is the story of a prince who falls in love with a peacock fairy when she was bathing in human form along with seven peacock fairies. Unluckily, a rogue magician threatens their happiness and accused the princess of having an evil spirit. He also forced the prince to find a way to reunite with his princess.


2. The Girl With Long Hair

The Girl With Long Hair is a story of a kind-hearted young girl who tries to save her village from a drought that made her villagers fall into extreme poverty. She found spring water that the mountain demon is blocking from the people and threatened her to do not reveal this. The Diamond took Revenge from the girl but a tree rescued her and turned her white hair into a waterfall.


3. White Snake

This is an animated film of a white snake demon, who falls in love with a snake hunter Xuan and lost his memory. But this has displeased her younger sister Verta, the green snake demon. Anime lovers would love to watch this masterpiece. This film is inspired by the Chinese folktale Legend of the White Snake.


4. Money King: Hero Is Back

Money King is a very legendary animation film of 2015. It tells the story of a king who has just been released from the mountain after being imprisoned for 500 years. After being released he lost his all power.  But finally, he regained his power and defeated the defeated monsters when he was struggling to save his village.


5. Legend Of Deification 

Legend of Deification is a sequel to a superhit 2019, Chinese movie Ne Zha. This is the story of a commander, Jiang Ziya who has been given a task to banish the Nine-tailed fox demon who threatens all the mortals. But he sees himself in a challenging situation when he discovered that the Nine-tailed fox's life is linked to an innocent girl.


6. Little Big Panda

This film focuses on a little Giant panda named Manchu. Manchu was rejected by his friend because of his hare-brained ideas. But he with the help of his friends stands up to all the trials. He also acquired self-confidence during his adventurous journey to the Jungle.


7. I love Wolfy 

I love Wolfy is a Chinese animated adventure comedy film of 2012. This is based on a popular television animated series Pleasant Goat and a Big Big Wolf. The story revolves around a group of Goat who lives in a green grassland and an evil wolf who wants to eat them.


8. Big Fish And Begonia

This animated film was released in 2016, which has various elements e.g. cycle of life and death. It depicts the story of a 16-year-old boy who experiences very fantastic adventure after transforming into a dolphin. But when that boy sacrifices his life for her, she brings him back by using her magic only to learn that this power comes at a huge price.


9. The King's Avatar: For the Glory

The King's Avatar is based on a novel of the same name written by Hu Die Ian. It very efficiently binds us to the story. This is the story of a professional sports player Ye Xiu. It is a prequel movie of the story that was before 8 years ago. It takes to the nostalgia when we watch this movie.


10. Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter

Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter, is a Chinese animated movie of 2015. This movie revolves around two bears who heard that the legend of creatures who come into the winters and brings snow and cold. One day the winter spirit was spreading snow in the winters. So it the story of a bear who saves everyone in the snow disaster.