Article: Top 10 Superstitions Shown In Chinese Movies

The people who believe in superstitions are Chinese. They tend to believe in old myths, and weird rules. Many people tend to do their daily work activities based on these myths and they follow these superstitions in their life. We might find these myths bizarre and amusing, but it is up to a person if they want to follow them. The top ten superstitions shown in Chinese movies are.

1. Think Before Gifting

Chinese don’t usually give umbrellas, knives, clocks, etc. In the Chinese language, these objects sound pretty similar to bad luck or death. Knives convey a sense of danger because of being sharp. Chinese people, say 刀两断 which means one knife, two halves. So it is believed that when you give your Chinese friend a sharp object or knife, you may inadvertently send a message that you want to cut off your relationship with them.  Due to this people try to avoid giving these items to anyone.

2. Do Not Greet In The Morning

Chinese believe that it is not a good idea to greet people when they are in bed. The bedroom is the most private space in anyone's house, and if anyone intrudes, it is considered impolite. It will be best if you didn’t greet people when they are in bed as they shouldn’t feel forced to get out of bed as by doing so, they will always be in a rush for the rest of the year.

3. Long Noodles Are Perfect

While in general, we celebrate our birthday with a cake in China; instead of a cake, they enjoy birthday noodles which are not ordinary. They thought it is better to eat long noodles as they believe that, when the noodles are long they are wishing for a long life. There is also a certain way for it to be eaten, bit by bit, without breaking it into pieces as we don’t want to cut our life short.

4. Place Only Nine Oranges In Your Kitchen

This myth is quite amusing and oddly quite specific. It is a belief in China that placing nine oranges in the kitchen where the food is prepared brings everlasting luck and prosperity. The number Nine in Mandarin is endless and gold. It is also said that ghosts and evil spirits are scared of citrus fruits.

5. Keep Your Windows And Doors Open On The Eve

It is believed that on Chinese New Year, staying up as late as possible so your parents can live a longer life is one common Chinese superstition. It is also thought to keep your windows and doors open on the eve, which symbolizes that it gets rid of old things and makes way for the new while inviting the God of Fortune into your house.

6. Don’t Buy Shoes During The New Year

People often buy new clothes and shoes, which is one of the highlights of celebrating the new year. While it's okay to buy a new pair of shoes before the new year, one should avoid getting them during the first few days. The word shoes, hoi, sounds similar to sighing, which is a sign of suffering.

7. Bad Luck In Age Difference

In western culture, age is considered just as a number for dating. In Chinese culture, there are superstitions about the age difference. It is believed that it is bad luck to date or marries someone with an age difference of either three or six years, be it older or younger. As the numbers three and six are considered unlucky in Chinese culture.

8. Don’t Go Visiting On The Third Day Of The New Year

In China going, to visit or even stepping out on the third day of the Chinese New Year is discouraged, which is also referred to as Chi Kou Ri (Day of Red Mouth). It is believed that quarrels and fights can quickly happen, so it is considered unlucky and ominous. Some even believe that it is a day when evil spirits roam the earth.

9. White And Red

Chinese believe specific colors symbolize different meanings. The color white signifies death and is often worn during funerals. At the same time the color red is considered to be seen to be full of life and is often seen being worn during auspicious events like weddings.

10. Not Cleaning The House On New Year

In most countries, people love to keep their houses clean on Lunar New Year's, but it isn't the same for Chinese people. They believe that cleaning their house on New Year will clean their homes out of luck and prosperity. They think that even touching cleaning supplies can bring bad luck.