Article: Top 10 Unconventional Chinese Love Stories In Movies Which Did Not Have A Happily Ever After

Movies may provide people joy, laughter, and excitement. However, certain films make you cry. We frequently desire to watch touching films to express our feelings. Romance is undoubtedly one of those genres that can make you cry your eyes out. These heartfelt romantic films recount the stories of people who demonstrated the power of love through their sacrifices. So, without further ado, here are ten Chinese tearjerkers; movies to watch that will make you cry!

1. Somewhere Winter

The film chronicles the story of An Ran, a bright Beijing Normal University student, and Qi Xiao, a Taiwanese photographer, who met at a concert in 1991 and finally fell in love.


2. More Than Blue 

The film More Than Blue is a remake of the same-named Korean cinema. The tale follows K, a record producer, and Cream, a lyricist, who became close after their families died in high school. Though they have been living together for ten years and are entirely reliant on each other, neither has ever admitted to being lovers. K gets diagnosed with leukaemia as the novel unfolds, and he is afraid to announce his diagnosis since he does not want to hurt Cream by abandoning her. Later, he resolved to find a trustworthy and loyal man who could look after Cream and stay with him till the end.


3. Us And Them 

Us and Them is a film about a young couple who met on the train on their way home during Chinese New Year. The two worked hard together in Beijing, carrying a single dream, and embarked on an emotional path of reunion that led to countless breakups and misunderstandings. Destiny appears to be a cycle, as their paths intersect again ten years later, this time on a plane by happenstance.


4. Hear Me

Hear Me, a 2009 film, tells the story of a lovely love story sparked by a misunderstanding between two young lovers who believe the other is deaf and mute. This film effectively depicts what silent love is and leaves the audience feeling touched and affected.


5. Under The Hawthorn Tree

This film depicts a heartwarming love story set in a small town in Yichang City, Hubei Province, centered around a hawthorn tree. Under the Hawthorn Tree follows the story of Jing Qiu, who meets Lao San.


6. A Wedding Invitation

A breakup pact and agree to marry. At Li Xing's wedding, the girl is desperate to reclaim her former love.


7. Cry Me A Sad River

Yi Yao and Qi Ming are classmates in the same class and are neighbours. Tang Xiao Mi, a transfer student. She pursues Yi Yao and uncovers a personal secret. Tang Xiao Mi then uses this information to start tormenting her at school, enlisting the help of their classmates.


8. Secret

A superb pianist, Ye Xiang Lun, is a new student at the elite Tamkang School. On his first day, he encounters Lu Xiao Yu, a lovely young lady playing an enigmatic piece of music.


9. The Road Home

Luo Yusheng travels to his hometown in North China. Yusheng spends a day teaching in the country school before returning to the metropolis, symbolically honouring his father's dearest dream.


10. Better Days

Derek directed the film, which stars Li Yuan and Xu Yimeng. Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee star in the movie.