Article: 10 Best Chinese Movies Having Characters With Mental Disorders

Visibility Attraction is a prominent factor in films used to establish the link emotionally, mentally, and sometimes for establishing the social connection with the greatly influenced world and so as the cultures by Films and Television and for the film lovers. Portraying different social problems like mental illness helps the mentally ill people to connect themselves with the challenges to survive somewhere a realistic approach showed to the community. In this list, we have included Chinese films dealing with mental illness with a focus on diversity in genre, cinematography, and the vision of the director making these movies worthy to see. Here are the ten best Chinese must-watch movies that have portrayed mental illness.

1. A Beautiful Life (2011) 

This movie tells the story of a greedy and shallow woman who is transformed by love as she meets a local policeman, accidentally takes care of his younger brother dealing with a hard time communicating. She eventually runs off with a large sum of his money. She only realized what he truly meant to her when he moved away after finding out about his deteriorating health.

chinese movie a beautiful life


2. Meet Miss Anxiety (2014)

Based on a girl who hasn’t had her period in six months and thinks she is suffering from premature menopause brought on by her continuing depression over being dumped by the love of her life and who tells her that she needs “physical and spiritual” help.

chinese movie meet miss anxiety

3. Till Madness Do Us Part (2013)

The movie generally observes the daily activity of one floor at a Chinese mental hospital in Yunnan located in the Southwest of China with 50 male patients who are there for killing someone, committing a crime against an official, or have a disability. The film captures the relationship between society and individuals and contrasts the isolation and atmosphere of the mental institution.

chinese movie till madness do us


4. Bipolar (2021)

The story centers on the different characters representing a dysfunctional society. The memories look like a hallucination seem real, and reality seems like a hallucination.

chinese movie bipolar


5. Sons (1996)

“Sons” is the story based upon the collapse of a family by an addiction to alcoholism. “Sons” is a story that is a blend of fiction and documentary where all the actors are playing reenactments of their own lives in themselves.


6. The Common People (1998)

It tells a story of a person with spastic paralysis who saves a nurse from suicide afterwards they both get into a relationship. In the second story, a woman who is handicapped races around the city to collect money to buy for the operation of a person whose injuries she feels liable of.

chinese movie the common people


7. My Girl (2020)

The movie reflects on a girl Meng Hui, suffering from a dissociative identity disorder causing her to switch randomly into two distinct personalities within “her.” As she is unaware of when her alternate personality might emerge, and that is why she has struggled all her life to look for a balance between her two sides of personality.


8. Seven Of Me (2017)

The movie centers on a girl, Xin Xin’ a private physician who is attending Yi Zhen. She didn’t have an idea of what mess has she invited herself into. As Yi Zhen’s seven different personalities within him begin to emerge and so the dark secrets from his cruel past get heavy on him.


9. Fool In Love With You (2016)

After meeting a woman named Hao Chong Min, Chi Mo mental activity changed. His other personality came out of him that is the exact opposite of him. Chi Mo is angry that he has two personalities and can't remember anything another personality of him did and thought.


10. Psychologist (2017)

A story that aims to spotlight real problems revolving around the psychological state within the modern-day told from the attitude of a female psychologist. Alas, problems come one after another, the Dun's friend gets caught during a conflict between a third party and her father, her mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disorder, what's worse, she discovers that Jiahui used her to urge back at Ji Ming Cong. He has a dusty memory from his childhood which was a painful experience that is a reason behind his sleepwalking relapses.

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