Thai dramas have been a hot topic nowadays in every teenager’s and adult’s mind. The way they act, their looks, their charisma, everything keeps their fans in awe. But fans are always eager to know if they are married. So, if you are curious to know whether your favorite actor is married, then given below […]

Ranee Campen, known as Bella, born on 24th December 1989, is a Thai model and actress. She was born to a British father and a Thai mother. She is named after her great-grandmother. She first entered the spotlight in 2010 wining Miss Thailand Universe. She started her career in entertainment in 2011 as a model. […]

In the ever-growing world of Korean dramas, there is a long list of entertaining dramas. They are known to have swoon-worthy stories, riveting thrillers, and chilling horror scenes. Like every year, this year, also, we have got a list of some captivating dramas. They can teleport you to a new world with an entertaining storyline, […]

In the vast range of Korean dramas, popularly known as K-dramas, male lead often takes the spotlight. In almost all Korean dramas, the male lead is expected to be an alpha male. They are often seen as a tough guy who is always ready to fight. These characters are also loved by many viewers. But […]

These K-dramas ventured beyond life and have given us varied but interesting depictions of life after death. These dramas are mostly heart-breaking and have very different perspectives about what happens to us after we die. 1. Goblin This series follows the life of a young girl named Ji Eun-Tak. She, unfortunately has been acquainted with […]

Japanese anime has taken over the world with its incredible performance, which could be due to various factors such as multiple themes, VFX, relatability, characters with unbeatable personalities, the ability to reach up to 100+ episodes of the same season, etc. The secret of a massive global audience lies in how, even with distinct themes, […]

Mountain Trek is something youngsters love to explore. Moreover, people from every age group have a special spot for it. Chinese movies are infamous for providing variety and stunning visuals, and they have been uplifting their industry year by year. So, they have been working on different themes, including the movie featuring a mountain trek. […]

The females in the K-pop industry are known to have incredible talents. Be it amazing vocals or jaw-dropping dance moves, they are no less than the male idols. It is no secret that these idols go through intense physical training some, idols develop incredible physical strength. Many female idols have innocent faces and a comparatively […]

If you want to watch the genre of bickering relationship romance, then starting with Chinese drama is a highly recommended idea. Everyone knows that C-dramas never let anyone down in terms of romance and bickering relationships between the leads. Listed below are some C-dramas with bickering relationship romance among the leads. 1. My Love, Enlighten […]

Do you agree that Korean dramas make you forget reality? But sometimes, the characters show the truth of this world. Don’t you think so? Sometimes, they are popular because of their characters who inspire us. Many of these K-dramas feature strong yet vulnerable women who have their own stories and live lives that not some […]