Article: Top 10 Japanese Anime With Massive Global Audience

Japanese anime has taken over the world with its incredible performance, which could be due to various factors such as multiple themes, VFX, relatability, characters with unbeatable personalities, the ability to reach up to 100+ episodes of the same season, etc. The secret of a massive global audience lies in how, even with distinct themes, they do not fail to flaunt the basic human emotions, such as love, anger, humanity, kindness, etc, with perfection. Here, we will discuss the top 10 Japanese anime with a massive global audience.

1. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is a great anime with compelling storytelling, brilliant VFX, strong character development, and a great plot. The story revolves around Nezuko and Tanjiro; both are siblings, and their love and care for one another is unbeatable. Nezuko is turned into a demon by Muzan, which drives Tanjiro to kill him and get the cure. He trains and becomes affiliated with the Demon Slayer Corps to achieve this.

2. Naruto

Naruto is a popular legendary series that has also been dubbed into many languages and comprises a powerful storyline and characters. It revolves around the life cycle of Naruto and the characters around him to his journey of becoming a Hokage. Naruto has mystical techniques, high-action scenes, and elemental human emotions.

3. Death Note

Death Note is a super cool crime series with a mystical turn because the culprit here got a super notebook called Death Note. To kill someone, all he needs to do is write his Name on the book. The person can also specify how to bring death to someone by writing it, and if nothing is written, it would seem like a natural heart attack.

4. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is a great series with a very different plot and theme about a world within walls who thought they were the only human survivors on a planet filled with Titans. Titans are the pseudo villains and were played by people outside Paradise Island. It is about Eren Yeager, who wanted freedom, but the situations that made him put about 80% of the human population to dreadful death via rumbling are worth watching.

5. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is an incredible anime that features the gaming world with virtual reality visions built so real that one can feel everything as if it were happening for real. The main leads are Asuna and Kirito, who are just teenagers and great with their gameplay in the virtual world. The things turn upside down when they are trapped in the virtual world and thousands of others and can't get back alive until someone clears the game entirely.

6. Sugar Apple Fairy tale

Sugar Apple's fairy tale is a bit different. It is about a girl who wanted to make Name in the field of sugar candy crafting in a world filled with humans and fairies. To reach the sugar master competition safely, she buys a warrior fairy who is so handsome that people often mistake him for a companion fairy. The way Anne tries to compete in a male-dominated field so gracefully is worth watching, along with the pinches of romantic angles filled with magic.

7. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a fun series to watch, which is about a miserable human overburdened by depth who works as a demon hunter but after a painful dismemberment by a zombie devil. His life is saved by Pochita, a chainsaw devil who gives his heart to him, enabling him to change into a devil himself. He is then discovered by public safety devil hunters with Makima as head, who sees the potential within him and takes him in as a certified devil hunter in exchange for a good life.

8. Strike On Blood

Strike the Blood is filled with magic, friendship, mystical creatures, and adventure with the pinch of school life. It is about the Kojou, the fourth progenitor, the strongest vampire to exist and a prophecy that it would bring destruction. The anime is rich in fights, fan service, and magical content with a solid storyline.

9. Your Name

Your Name is a hit that was also a commercial success around the globe. It is an anime film about swapping consciousness between the male and female leads in different spaces and times. It all happened to stop meteor destruction that took place years ago from the current timeline of the boy. The VFX shown in the movie is extremely beautiful, along with the strong storyline.

10. Suzume

Suzume is again a visually appealing film that revolves around a high school girl who mistakenly frees the keystone that guards the people against earthquakes brought by mystical creatures. The other lead is a male whose entire bloodline's been into locking such doors that open up in damp places using the key.