Article: Top 10 Korean Drama With Highest Number Of Episodes

Korean dramas are popular among global audiences along with their homeland for their amazing themes and the way they attach them to the concept of love. In simpler words, we can say that the number of episodes can be used to perceive a show's popularity since more episodes mean people want it more, which is why the channel has produced it. The number of episodes a particular drama comprises can be compared to its popularity under certain conditions. So, keeping in mind, we'll discuss the top 10 Korean dramas with the highest number of episodes one should watch.

1. A Bird That Doesn't Sing

A Bird That Doesn't Sing is an incredible series comprising 100 brilliant episodes. The plot is about a murder case's insurance that brought the fortune to Oh ha-nui to a level that she loses everything, and thus, she plots revenge against the person she thinks caused her misfortune.

2. A Bluebird Has It

A Bluebird is an incredible series comprising about 64 brilliant episodes. It is a distinct drama that lasts about 60 minutes per episode and used to air on weekends in the late 1990s. The plot is set in a nightclub, and the story is about people who know how to embrace life.

3. A Daughter Just Like You

A Daughter Like You is an incredible series that comprises about 120 brilliant episodes. The series falls under the drama genre and stars Lee Soo-kyung and others, with 35 minutes per episode duration. The story revolves around Hong Ae-Ja and her three daughters.

4. A Good Day For The Wind

A Good Day for the Wind to Blow is an incredible series comprising 173 brilliant episodes. The drama speaks of a young teenager with a good heart. She is orphaned and dreams of becoming a great illustrator. Her personality marks her to stand for those who have met injustice.

5. A Good Supper

A Good Supper is an incredible series comprising about 120 brilliant episodes. The drama revolves around a young adult in her 20s born with an unbeatable talent related to royal cuisine cooking. The acting was written by Ha Chung-ok and aired in 2021, with episodes from Monday to Friday.

6. A Man In The Veil

A Man in Veil is an incredible series comprising about 105 brilliant episodes. The story revolves around a man caught up between two sisters. Tae Poong lives with cognitive impairment due to an unseen accident, and he is stuck between two twin sisters. One loves him with all her heart, and the other takes him for granted.

7. A Place In The Sun

A Place in the Sun is an incredible series comprising 102 brilliant episodes. The series is more of a rat race to rise to the throne of the Yangji Group. It is written by renowned Lee Eun-joo and incredibly directed by Kim Won-yong. The duration is about 40 minutes per episode and was produced under Samhwa Networks in 2018.

8. A Tale Of Two Sisters

As the name suggests, the series is about the lives of two sisters. A Tale of two sisters is an incredible series comprising about 135 brilliant episodes. It is incredibly related to human elemental emotions and aired back in 2013. The drama is about a girl who gets to choose between her blood family and foster family. She was adopted young, and when she finally meets her blood mother, things mess up as she struggles to identify her own identity and the true meaning of family.

9. All Is Weil

All is Weil is an incredible series comprising about 102 brilliant episodes. The drama is about the true meaning of forgiveness, highlighting the people who face inner conflicts and hatred while learning the most elemental feeling: forgiveness. The drama aired back in 2015 on several specific days of the week with a duration of about 35 minutes per episode.

10. All My Love

All My Love is an incredible series comprising about 210 brilliant episodes. The drama is based on a traditional folktale of two families: poor but kind and rich and selfish. The drama aired from 2010 to 2011 from Monday to Friday with episodes of about 30 mins.