Article: Top 10 Best Oldest-Youngest Fascinating Duo Of The K-Pop Industry 

The Korean Music Industry or K-Pop industry, is known worldwide by the people. Many K-Pop groups that have debuted years or decades ago that people love to hear till now. Each K-pop group has released many songs and appeared on many variety shows, which gives people a chance to look at their real personalities. The oldest and youngest are always known for their mischievous and love-filled born, which people see when they do online promotions or appear on real-life variety shows. The K-pop industry is known for debuting in groups. There are so many K-Pop that people love to watch because of how pure the relationship between the oldest and youngest and with other members is.

1. Jin And Jungkook From BTS

Kim Seokjin, also known as Jin, and Jung Jungkook, also known as Jungkook, from the group BTS that debuted in 2013, share a great bond. Their relationship screams mischievous and hilarious-filled energy. Both are bickering with each other. They have a five-year gap. And they show the real-sibling energy.

2. S Coups And Dino From SEVENTEEN 

Choi Seung Cheol, also known as S Coups, and Lee Chan, also known as Dino, debuted in the K-Pop group SEVENTEEN in 2015. They have a four-year gap. Their relationship is known as sweet and mischievous. Every member loves to tease Dino, which makes their relationship stronger.

3. Yeonjun And Huening Kai From Tomorrow By Together (TXT)

Choi Yeonjun, also known as Yeonjun, and Kai Kamal Huening, also known as Huening Kai, the oldest and youngest duo from the group TXT, debuted in 2019. Their relationship with each other is sweet, as Yeonjun loves to adore Kai. They are chaotic and make the audience content and happy with them. They have a three-year age gap.

4. Jisoo And Lisa From BLACKPINK

Kim Jisoo, also known as Jisoo, and Lalisa Manobal, also known as Lisa, are from the four-member group BLACKPINK. They debuted in 2016, and since their bonding has increased very much. They have a sweet and calming relationship with each other but are chaotic at times. They have a two-year age gap.

5. Xiumin And Sehun From EXO

Kim Minsoek, also known as Xiumin, and Oh Sehun, also known as Sehun, from the K-Pop group EXO, is one of the oldest and youngest duos. Sehun is very mischievous and naughty so he loves to tease his hyung. They have a four-year gap, and their relationship is sweet and sour as they love to bicker with each other.

6. Bang Chan And I.N From Stray Kids

Christopher Chan Bang, also known as Bang Chan, and Yang Jeongin, also known as I.N., debuted in the group Stary Kids with six members. They have a six-year age gap between them and debuted in 2018. They have a very chaotic relationship I.N., and loves to tease his hyung. Bang Chan has to manage all the other seven members as he is the oldest and the leader.

7. Heeseung And Ni-Ki From ENHYPEN 

Lee Heeseung, also known as Heeseung, and Nishimura Riki, also known as Ni-Ki, are the oldest-youngest, from the group ENHYPEN, which debuted in 2020. They have a four-year gap between them. Their relationship is good and calm. But it can be chaotic, and Ni-Ki loves to tease all his hyung all the time.

8. Jihyo And Tzuyu From Twice 

Park Jihyo, also known as Jihyo, and Chuo Tzuyu, also known as Tzuyu, is a part of a girl K-Pop group. They debuted in 2015 and have an age gap of two years. They have a very close relationship as they have been in the K-Pop industry for a long time. They are always helping each other and remain one of the best oldest-youngest duos among the K-Pop girls group.

9. Onew And Taemin From SHINee 

Lee Jinki, also known as Onew, and Lee Taemin, also known as Taemin, is one of the oldest and youngest duos that debuted in 2008 in the group SHINee. Onew and Taemin share a great and close bond, as they have a four-year age gap.

10. Shownu And I.M From Monsta X  

Son Hyunwoo, also known as Shownu, and IM Chang-Kyun, also known as I.M., are the oldest and youngest members of Monsta X, a group of six members that debuted in 2015. They have a four-year age gap and are known for their calm and quiet relationship. They have the least interaction because of their age gap, however, they are still close to each other.