Article: Top 10 Best Anime Fights

In this article, we will explore the best Anime fights that had left fans awestruck. The rivals tearing up each other with immense powers captures attention. Every punch, kick, and blast of energy brings us closer to the heart-pounding excitement only anime can deliver.

1. Eren Vs. Annie - Attack On Titans

Two human-like titian fightings. As they are human-transformed titans, they can think and act like humans. So, their battle is the climax of one of the show's biggest narrative changes up to that moment.

2. Ichigo Vs. Aizen - Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki's fight with the main villain of Bleach, Sosuke Aizen. Ichigo defeated Aizen by unlocking the Saigo no Getsuga Tensho to save soul society. The battle between Ichigo and Aizen was one of the rarest battles that kept the audience hooked from start to finish.

3. Rock Lee Vs. Gara - Naruto

During chunin exams, Rock Lee and Gara face each other. Gara was the strongest competitor in the Chunin exam, while Rock Lee was someone who had no special powers; he could only use taijutsu, but he came through with his hard work. It was impossible to defeat Gara, as no one could attack through his sand barrier. However, Rock Lee, with his lightning speed, hit Gara, who was not hit by anybody ever. This is one of the fights that can never be forgotten.

4. Saitama Vs. Boros - One Punch Man

The fight between Saitama and the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves was one of the best fights in the series. Boros was the first tough opponent that Saitama ever encountered, resulting in an incredible fight. In the end, Saitama takes down Boros.

5. Denji Vs. Katana Man - Chaisaw Man

Katana Man's prowess was unmatched, outshining all the battles that came before in the series. The rematch between Denji and Katana at the end of the season was very intense and exciting, with both of them darting through the city and finally landing on a high-speed train. In the end, Katana Man is nothing but a pathetic loser driven by a futile desire for revenge.

6. Netero Vs. Mereum - Hunter X Hunter

There was an epic battle in Hunter X Hunter between the King of Chimera, Mereum, and the chairman of the Hunter Association, Netero. To win, Netero used mankind's most morally reprehensible weapon a nuclear bomb. It was the ultimate showdown battle of the series as Netero, the mightiest human, faced off against the monster's strongest fighter.

7. Rengoku Vs. Akaza - Demon Slayer

Kyojuro Rengoku faced off against the demon Akaza. Rengoku, with his power, matched Akaza's blow for blow. He unleashed his flame-breathing technique to fight until the end. However, Rengoku unexpectedly died in the end.

8. Mob Vs. Koyama - Mob Psycho 100

When Mob's brother got captured, he stepped forward for a battle to rescue him. When Mob was facing Koyama, he went 100% and delivered a punch that immobilized Koyama.

9. Edward Elric Vs. Father - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward steps up to the final battle of the series, he finally stopped Father's evil plans once and for all. When Father could no longer harness his power,y, he was drawn into oblivion and found himself face-to-face with the Truth in his basic, original form. The fight was visually captivating that captured viewers' attention.

10. Goku Vs. Jiren - Dragon Ball Super Was A Universal Delight

Goku faced off against an incredibly powerful being from Universe 11, Jiren. Goku carried out the fate of the universe in this fight, he defeated Jiren and the universe from being erased.