China is an emerging market for luxury brands. So, naturally, big luxury brands are making Chinese as their brand ambassadors to target the Chinese audience. These ambassadors have been working as the bridge in connecting the cultural gaps between the brand and the target customers, with the rise in Chinese entertainment across the globe, the […]

Japanese dramas, popularly known as doroma, are slowly gaining an international fan base. Though Thai and South Korean dramas have been on a roll for some time, Japanese dramas haven’t received the attention they deserve.  From action thrillers to sweet love to slice-of-lice dramas that are wrapped up in 10 episodes, these are some great […]

Sitcoms are a different genre altogether. Sitcoms, also known as situational comedy, are often based on the same backdrop and entertain the audience with humor. Earlier in the day, American sitcoms were popular, but with time, sitcoms from many different countries are getting recognition worldwide. One such country is Japan. Japanese entertainment is most famous […]

Since the release of Attack on Titan in 2013, it has captivated the audience with its exceptional storytelling and jaw-topping sequences. After a successful long run, the anime has unfortunately concluded in 2023. This series has become a template for many anime. If you are a great fan of Attack on Titan and want to […]

In this list, we are talking about the K-dramas that deal with death. Death might be a sensitive and triggering topic for some people. However, death is connected to life and is not something we can escape. These K-dramas show us how to deal with death and loss. 1. Tomorrow This series revolves around the […]

In this list, we are talking about some K-dramas that deal with grief and loss. These K-dramas can be a healing watch for some. These dramas have an emotional, and heart-felt storyline that can bring healing and comfort to those watching. 1. Move To Heaven  In this series, we follow Geu-Ra, a man with Asperger’s. […]

The popularity of Hidden Love is no joke. A good chunk of the audience got into C-dramas due to the C-drama Hidden Love. And now that is over, unfortunately the audience still craves their chemistry. Therefore, listed are some C-dramas to watch if you love Hidden Love. 1. Our Secret Our Secret describes the story […]

There are many on-screen couples in Thai movies and dramas, and their chemistry keeps us all fans hooked and wanting something more to happen between them. There are some on-screen couples whose love interest is not just on screen but also blending into real life. They are comparable and a great match, even after the […]

We all love to see women in power, someone who has everything, from smarts to riches. We have watched many dramas where the cold and rich male lead falls in love with a frail young woman trying her best to live her life. But what if the roles are switched? What happens when the one […]

Orphaned main leads in dramas are showcased as emotionally resonant because their lives lack the warmth and togetherness of a family. It is void of the primary love that people typically receive from their parents and families. They face hardships from the harsh society and, they struggle to navigate the world to uncover family secrets […]