Article: Top 10 Thai Celebrities Who Got Married In 2023

There are many on-screen couples in Thai movies and dramas, and their chemistry keeps us all fans hooked and wanting something more to happen between them. There are some on-screen couples whose love interest is not just on screen but also blending into real life. They are comparable and a great match, even after the cameras aren't rolling. Here Are some of the Thai Celebrities who got married in 2023.

1. Kimberley And Mark Prin

Kimberley and Mark first met on the set of Sarm Noom Nuer Tong in 2011. They soon started dating after that. Mark was born in Thailand to Chinese and Thai parents. Kimberly was born in Berlin but raised in Thailand. They got engaged in 2022. They also moved to their new house with the blessing of their elderly. In September, the couple finally tied the knot in Italy, Lake Como, with one of the most beautiful backdrops.

2. Weir Sukollawat And Vicky

Sukollawat Kanaros, well known as Weir, is a Thai model, actor, and singer seen on Channel 7. They met five years ago when Vicky was helping him with his stunt as a diver in the drama Concession of the Heart. On July 17, he married Vicky, his non-celebrity girlfriend, at Capella in Bangkok.

3. Pattie Ungsumalynn And Dan Worrawech

Worrawech Danuwong, also known as Dan, is a Thai actor and singer who was a member of the boy band D2B. He met Pattie in 2009 while on the set of Spy: the series, and soon started to date. They had been in a relationship for 13 years. He proposed to her in 2022, and soon they got married.

4. Patricia Good And Note Vises

Patricia Tanchanok Good is a British Thai actress and model currently signed under Channel Three. Vises is a well-known Wealthy businessman and the younger brother of Nott, Chompoo Araya's husband. They have been in a relationship for more than three years, and in June 2022, Note proposed to Patricia when they were traveling abroad. Later on, they both got married, in a Thai and Chinese style wedding.

5. Yui Chiranan And Than Thanakorn

Chiranan Manochaem, also known as Yui is a Thai producer, actress, singer and model, who has worked in more than 20 lakorns since she started her career in acting. Thanakorn is a well-known actor. In 2011, they met on the set of Pah Nang Sue. They got married in the Saraburi province after dating for seven years. They also founded Star Frame, a production company together.

6. May Fuangarom And Noom Kanchai

Chareonpanich Sikarn also known as May is a famous Thai actress. Noom Kanchai Kamnerdply is a Thai producer, news anchor, and actor. In 2000, they met on the set of Thepabut Salum, a movie. Later on, in 2012, they got married.

7. Push And Warattaya Nilkuha

Puttichai Kasetsin, also known as Push is an actor, DJ, model and TV host. Warattaya is a Thai model and actress. They met through an arranged meeting with their parents. In 2014, they starred together in Fun Fueng and grew closer while shooting. After being together for four years, they got married at the Mandarin Oriental.

8. Nattasha Bunprachom And Dj Piyawat

Nattasha Bunprachom, also known as Yoghurt, is a Thai actress and model. Piyawat Kempetch is a famous DJ and media personality who is known as the host of the show Chill FM 89, also Gotcha Gadgets, a TV Show. They had been together for more than seven years, soon, they registered their marriage, and she went to the US.

9. Urassaya Sperbund And Nadech Kugimiya

Urassaya Sperbund, mostly known as Yaya, is a Thai model and actress. Nadech Kugimiya is a Thai model and actor. Since 2011, they have been in a relationship. While traveling in Positano, Italy they got engaged in June 2023, soon to be married.

10. Both Nattapong And Newyear Kitiwhut

Newyear Kitiwhut Sawutdimilin is an actor, net idol, and emcee. He appeared in his first lakorn, Shortcut to Your Dream, in 2012. Nattapong Chinsoponsap is a dentist, actor, model, and VJ. After 11 years of being together, they got engaged, soon to be married by the end of this year. They both make YouTube videos, with over 541,000 subscribers.