Article: Top 10 Rich Female Leads In Chinese Dramas

We all love to see women in power, someone who has everything, from smarts to riches. We have watched many dramas where the cold and rich male lead falls in love with a frail young woman trying her best to live her life. But what if the roles are switched? What happens when the one in authority is a woman? Do they have a similar storyline? To answer these questions, here are some rich female leads in Chinese dramas.

1. Forever Love

It follows Lin Xin Tong, a young heiress of the Li group. She has riches, smarts, and beauty. On top of her cheerful personality, she has a big heart and falls in love with an ordinary man, Chi Shan. Her life seems perfect with a loving fiance and a supportive best friend but, when she finds out about the affair between them, her perfect life starts falling apart. She realizes that Chi Shan is a greedy man and is only with her for money. Her best friend, Xia Yu Wei, whom she trusted, is jealous of her and wants to steal everything from her. When everything goes south, she realizes that Qin Mo Yao has always stood by her side, helping and protecting her. Qin Mo Yao is an intelligent medical student who is handsome and has exceptional fighting skills.

2. Accidentally In Love

It follows Cheng Qing Qing, an heiress of a wealthy family. After being set up for an arranged marriage by her grandparents, she flees from her wedding in an attempt to avoid marrying someone she does not know and find love for herself. She enrolls in a university where her parents studied to find out more about them and their deaths. She changes her looks to blend in with other students so her grandfather cannot find her easily. She meets Si Tu Feng, a famous singer, as her deskmate whom she had already encountered before. They start an interesting love-to-hate relationship.

3. Here We Meet Again

It follows Xiang Yuan, a wealthy daughter of Donghe Group. She is an online gamer with a large audience. She grew up with an older brother and grandfather because her parents died when she was young. She always knew growing up that she would have to handle specific responsibilities because of her position as a daughter of a wealthy group, so when she is tasked to save the Xi’an branch of their company from bankruptcy, she takes it head on with determination. Although at first, it was hard to handle things, she eventually got used to it. What she did not expect was meeting an old high school crush, Xu Yan Shi. Despite their past and struggles, they form a friendship and embark on an interesting journey.

4. My Sassy Princess

It follows Liu Ling, a doted princess of the palace. The eldest daughter of Prince Guang Ping, she is given the title of Princess Chang Le by the emperor. She has been looked after and pampered her whole life, received luxuries, and has inflated self-worth. She is known to be bratty and sassy, this attitude has brought her many enemies in the court but, she pays no heed to them. On her birthday, she decides to pay a visit to an exclusive inn out of the palace and encounters Shen Yan, a commander of an army. She is drunk, and Shen Yan has just escaped from a sword fight. She falls in love with him but, he is distant and cold to her advances. Eventually, the two form a friendship.

5. My Little Princess

It follows Lin Xing Chen, an heiress of a wealthy family. She has it all, from looks to riches. Because of her background, she has to marry into a well-off family. She devises a plan to seduce the wealthy Zheng Chu Yao, who studies at the elite art school. She joins the school and mistakes the handsome Jian Nian Yu for Chu Yao and tries to get his attention. After clearing misunderstandings, she notices that Chu Yao is interested in a poor girl, Yu Yang Yang. Not wanting to lose, she takes Nian Yu’s help to learn tango to get into Chu Yao’s good spirits.

6. Love Together

It follows Gu Ling Se, the domineering CEO of the Dingzhuang group. After facing difficulties, she partners with the Weilan group to complete their business projects. Ye Cheng Shu is the president of the Weilan group, and he is known to be a puppet, played around by his company officials. In the public’s eye, both Ling Se and Cheng Shu get engaged as a reason for joining. In reality, they form a contract marriage for ninety-nine days. Gradually, by spending time and working together, they help each other and fall in love, from a business relationship to a real one.

7. You Are My Glory

It follows Qiao Jing Jing, a top actress in the entertainment industry; she has beauty, fame, and riches. She supposedly has a perfect life until she gets called out for not knowing how to play a game she endorses. Ambitious to learn and clear her name, she joins a gaming competition and looks for a coach. She meets Yu Tu, an old high school crush of her. He is an aerospace engineer and knows how to play the game very well. The online game brings them together once again to make new memories and new choices.

8. Youth Should Be Early

It follows Cheng Xin, a wealthy daughter of the Cheng Group. After graduation, she sees it is as a perfect moment to propose to her boyfriend, Zheng Qian. However, she gets rejected by him because he wants to find a job and have a stable income; marriage is not something he is thinking about right now. She tries to arrange for him a job in the Cheng group but gets rejected again. Impatient, she acts behind the scenes and gets him a job in the Teng Group. When he finds out the reason behind his sudden success, he resigns and is broken-hearted. After fixing his reputation and starting his own company, he helps Cheng Xin overcome her family crises and eventually they marry each other.

9. Begin Again

It follows Lu Fang Ning, the domineering CEO of a furnishing company. She is beautiful and intelligent and has developed a career for herself. In everyone’s eyes, she is living the perfect life, but in her family’s eyes, she has done nothing. She is nearly thirty and still has not married and started a family. Pushed by her family’s demand, she looks for a suitable man. As fate would have it, she meets Ling Rui, a kind-hearted man who works as a surgeon. She manipulates him into getting married, but married life is not easy. They struggle much together, and Lu Fang Ning realizes her mistakes and undergoes significant character development to save her marriage.

10. Intense Love

It follows Su Jin Bei, a famous actress in the industry. She has fame, beauty, and riches. She has lived a comfortable life until her parents get her into an arranged marriage. Unfortunately, she gets into a car accident and is immediately taken to the hospital, where she meets Zhou Shi Yun, her attending doctor, who is her arranged fiance. At first, she was reluctant about the marriage because she wanted to find love for herself, but after meeting him, she fell in love. She tries to seduce and impress him so that he also falls in love. But all her efforts seem like a waste because Shi Yun ignores her advances, but eventually he gives in and the two live happily.