Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas For Introverts 

Being an introvert is fun but often comes with its challenges. An introvert loves being on their own, but sometimes they like to go out to spend time with the few friends they have. However, they prefer to delve deep into their thoughts and create imaginative scenarios. They are happy in their space and seek comfort in their aloneness. Several K-dramas show the true nature of introverts and allow us to see and feel what introverts feel. Some K-dramas have portrayed the true essence of being an introvert. If you are an introvert and want to feel heard and seen, then these k-dramas are for you. In this article, we have mentioned the top 10 K-dramas for all the introverts. However, these dramas are not just for introverts but for everyone who wants to feel something.

1. Call It Love 

Call It Love is a perfect drama to watch if you are an introvert. It is a story about a girl named Shim Woo Joo, who is determined and introverted. She is broken by her father's betrayal and is seeking revenge. Dong Jin, another lead character, enters her life, and vengeful Shim Woo begins putting her walls down in his presence, and on the other hand, he starts to care for her. They come closer and eventually fall in love. However, their love story is full of challenges. Watch this drama to learn more about their unexpected but heartwarming romance.

2. Yumi's Cells 

Yumi's Cells is another brilliant drama and an ideal watch for all the Introverts. The story revolves around Yumi a regular woman with a normal office job. She is passionate about writing. Little creatures, known as cells that reside inside Yumi's body influence her thoughts and behavior. She meets Woong, who awakens the love cell inside her body. It is an exciting drama with a unique storyline. As an introvert, you will enjoy this drama.

3. My Liberation Notes 

My Liberation Notes is for all the introverts who take joy in their mundane days but often feel like jumping to the other side of their everyday, ordinary life. The drama concerns three siblings, Yeom Gi Jeong, Yeom Chang Hee, and Yeom MI Jeong. They have their individual goals. One is looking for love, one is spending days aimlessly, and one wants to break the cycle of the monotonous life. They face challenges in life, but at the end of the day, they come together as a family and figure things out. It is a soothing and healing K-drama and one of the best out there.

4. Summer Strike 

Summer Strike is one of the most visually pleasing dramas. The drama is a food for introverted souls. It has a heartwarming and brilliant storyline and relatable characters, which makes it worth watching. The story is about Yeo Reum, a Seoul girl who settles down in a small and quaint countryside as her life in the city gets formidable and nothing in her life seems to be going right. She goes on a summer Strike and adopts a simple and peaceful life. In the countryside, she encounters Ahn Dae Beom, an introverted and shy librarian, and something clicks between them. Watch this drama to see how their story progresses. It is a must-watch drama.

5. Run On 

Run On is that one K-drama that, once you watch it, becomes unforgettable. It has breathtaking cinematography, a simple but effective storyline, and brutally relatable characters. It is a slow-paced K-drama about love, life, career, and family. But the drama focuses on self-love and why it is essential to be kind to oneself. The characters are authentic. They are ambitious, hard-working, and introverted. The drama has everything an introvert needs.

6. Because This Is My First Life

It is another top-tier drama and an ideal watch for introverted souls. The drama revolves around Nam Se Hee and Ji Ho. Nam Se Hee is an introvert who lives in an apartment with his cat. His cat is the highlight of his life. Nothing else interests him. On the other hand, Ji Ho is a hard-working and passionate scriptwriter. But her life is nothing but a struggle. She struggles with financial problems. Nam Se Hee and Ji Ho's lives intertwine when they have a contractual marriage and share an apartment. It is a quirky drama with hilarious and tender moments. You will laugh and cry throughout the drama. It is worth watching.

7. Would You Like A Cup Of Coffee? 

Would You Like a Cup of Coffee is another sentimental and peaceful drama. The story is about Kang Go-bi an aspiring barista. He works with Park Seok as his apprentice. Park Seok owns the Cafe and teaches Kang Go-bi how to make a good coffee. Meanwhile, Go-bi learns things about life, love, and people. It is a slow-paced drama with no heavy action. It has mellow vibes and a captivating storyline. The drama is philosophical and humorous. It is like getting the best of both worlds in a single drama.

8. When The Camellia Blooms 

When the Camellia Blooms is an inspiring and heartfelt K-drama. The setting of the drama is a fictional countryside where a headstrong Dongbaek, a single mother, raises her child while falling in love with a good-natured police officer named Yongsik. The drama will leave you in tears and with a happy heart.

9. Do You Like Brahms? 

It is a comfort drama for all introverts. The story revolves around Chae Song-A, who is an aspiring pianist, and Park Joon-Young, who is a talented and famous pianist. Chae Song-A struggles as a pianist. However, when they both meet each other, they help each other to grow and become each other's safe place.

10. Hello, My Twenties!

It is one of the most loved K-dramas. The story is about five girls who live as housemates. They start as strangers but come closer, share stories about their experiences, and forge deep friendships. The girls go through their adult life together and deal with the struggles of being an adult. It is a beautiful drama with a riveting plot. All the introverts will enjoy this drama.