Article: Top 10 Thai Bl Actors Who Excel At Fan Service

The Thai drama industry is famous for its BL productions. They are known and loved far and wide for their varied storylines, plotlines, and characters showcased. While many stick to college life stories, others explore various facets of life and bring a riveting show for the audience. There are many sides to the BL dramas, and one of them is fanservice. It is a principal part of the promotions, and the actors are expected to go along with it and play the role of a real couple, even off-screen. While this usually has negative repercussions in real life, it remains an integral part of the promotions, and the actors get paid. Here is a list of famous Thai BL actors who excel at fan service!

1. Kanawut Traipipattanapong

He is lovingly called Gulf by fans. He is known for his fiery and headstrong role in the blockbuster series ‘TharnType’. Gulf’s role in the series was that of Type. Type was a traumatised and helpless person. He turns homophobic due to a bad experience with a man in the past. However, later in his life, he meets Tharn, who shows him that to love is easy. Therefore as a part of fanservice, Gulf often acts cute yet bratty and wins the hearts of the entire world. His pretty smile is just a bonus!

2. Suppasit Jongcheveevat

It would be a fallacy to omit the other half of Gulf where fan service is concerned. Suppasit is called Mew by fans. His and Gulf’s ship name is ‘MewGulf’. Their sweet dynamic consists of Mew taking care of Gulf gently and delicately, precisely like his character in the show. They play the part of a loving couple well — both on and off-screen. Mew has been caught wiping Gulf’s face gently at certain public events. In some, he is seen shielding his head just in case it bumps against a hard surface. Though Mew has made it clear from his side that ‘MewGulf is just fan service,’ fans find their relationship loving and funny. They flirt often and act possessively in a jesting manner. Isn’t that sweet?

3. Korapat Kirdpan

Despite Bad Buddy being a show based on the familiar college students trope, it has successfully tackled some real-world issues and introduced complex characters. He is called Nanon by fans. Korapat plays the role of Pran, a class president of the faculty of Architecture at their university. Much like his character, he acts cute and passive with Ohm. Fans love their gentle yet teasing chemistry with each other.

4. Pawat Chittsawangdee

Nanon’s other half is Pawat, commonly referred to as Ohm. Ohm played the role of Pat, the head of the department of Engineering. In the drama, both Pat and Pran are neighbours. Their families hate each other because of a dispute, which eventually translates to the relationship between Pat and Pran. For fan service, they hold hands, gently caress and help each other out when required. It arguably isn’t much and not as flirty as MewGulf, but it is innocent and sweet enough for butterflies to erupt in fans’ stomachs. They both have a healthy dynamic on and off-screen. They are also great friends who look up to each other.

5. Pirapat Watthanasetsiri

Pirapat is commonly known as Earth. He plays the role of a Chief Forest Officer in the drama ‘A Tale of Thousand Stars’, which was a hit. In the show, his role was that of a cold person who is a strict enforcer of rules and is stuck up. But he slowly warms up to his other half. For fan service, he prefers being a reliable hold for the other actor, not unlike his role in the drama itself. It is important to remember that actors do not stray away from their reel personalities when doing fan service.

6. Sahaphap Wongratch

Earth’s other half in ‘A Tale of Thousand Stars’ is Sahaphap, known as Mix. Hence, their ship name is called EarthMIx. Quite fitting, isn’t it? Mix played the role of Torfun, a rich, spoiled brat who gets into an accident. He needed a heart transplant surgery afterwards. Mix, too, doesn’t stray away from his reel personality, which is why they are often bickering and touching each other randomly. Their dynamic with each other often elicits giggles and fond sighs from the audience.

7. Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana

Saint worked in a drama called ‘Why R U?’ which has the typical bl setting of a college. He plays the role of Tutor, an emotionally mature yet slightly aggressive character. He acts like his character for fan service, often teasing the other actor lightly and making the audience laugh. His cute charms win everyone over in a matter of seconds!

8. Zee Pruk Panich

The other protagonist of ‘Why R U?’ is Zee, who plays the role of Fighter. The contrast between the two protagonists is interesting. While Tutor is rational, Fighter is driven by the heart. They collide because of their personalities, yet they find love. The actors have found the perfect way to present this dynamic via fan service. They are comfortable in each other presence and often indulge in some harmless flirting.

9. Nattapol Diloknawarit

Also known as Max, he acted in a widely famous show called ‘Together With Me’. It would be illegal not to mention MaxTul in the list because they are famous for doing fan service! In the drama, Max plays the role of Korn, Knock’s childhood best friend. He often jokingly refers to his colleague as his “husband” and happily indulges in any level of fan service. That includes hand-holding and various other degrees of intimacy.

10. Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai

Pakorn is commonly known as Tul, therefore, the ship's name is MaxTul. He played the role of Knock in  ‘Together With Me’. He, like his colleague, enjoys doing fan service. In one interview, he even said that he missed Max after being apart for barely sixteen days. He also confessed that it was the longest that they had been apart. They flirt often and are touchy with each other. Tul’s flirting is frequently corny, but it makes Max laugh and smile. Fans love their dynamic as well!