Article: Top 10 Best Korean Dramas Set In The Countryside

Korean dramas are popularly known for having breathtaking locations, which makes the drama more beautiful to watch. There are so many K-dramas known for having exceptional locations of the countryside, adding more to the plot and chemistry for the people.

1. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Hometown Cha Cha Cha is the story of Hong Du-sik, who is talented but is unemployed. He lives in the seaside village of Gongjin and is known as the handyman around the village. He crosses paths with Yoon Hye-jin, a dentist who came from Seoul and opened her dental clinic in the village. The beautiful cinematography of the seaside village and the mind-blowing chemistry between the actors is a plus point of this drama.

2. Our Blues

Our Blues talks about three different and unique love stories that are somehow interconnected. The story is set in the beautiful Jeju Island. Lee Dong Suk sells fruit on the islands from the main city and meets a mysterious woman, Min Suh Ah, who comes to Jeju to escape. Park Jung Joon, a ship captain, meets Lee Young Ok, a diver, and falls in love with her. Jung Eun Hee is a fish shop owner who returns from the city and reunites with his past lover, Choi Han Soo.

3. When The Camellia Blooms 

When The Camellia Blooms describes the story of Oh Dong-beak, a single mother who moves to a town called Ongsan and opens a bar named Camellia. After six years of facing challenges, she meets a straightforward police officer, Hwang Yong-sik, who declares his love for her.

4. When The Weather Is Fine

When The Weather Is Fine is a beautiful K-drama to watch this winter as the protagonists amidst the harsh cold night, find solace in each other's warmth and heal their past wounds. Mok Hae-won moves back from Seoul to Bookhyun village, where she used to live in her middle show. She meets her former classmate, Im Eun-seob, who now owns a bookstore.

5. Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You describes the story of a successful CEO, Yoon Se-ri, who gets caught up in a paragliding mishap and finds herself in the wild jungle of North Korea. She meets Ri Jeong-hyeok, the captain of the North Korean Military. He and his team hide her in an outskirt village where army officers live.

6. Warm And Cozy

Warm And Cozy is a story set in Jeju Island. Lee Jung-joo is a very hardworking woman, but things never work out for her. She has worked for seven years in a clothing company yet loses her job, boyfriend, and house. To start new, she moves to Jeju Island and meets Baek Gun-woo, a chef and restaurant owner of ‘Warm and Cozy.’ His laid-back and lazy attitude irks the girl, making their story challenging.

7. The Good Bad Mother

The Good Bad Mother describes the story of once a popular and intelligent prosecutor, Choi Kang-ho, who was a part of a tragic accident. Because of the accident, his mind becomes the mind of a seven-year-old child. He moves back to live with his mother, Jin Yong-soon, in a village, and their bittersweet relationship with each other takes a whole new path.

8. Eccentric! Chef Moon

Eccentric! Chef Moon tells the story of Moon Seung-mo, a popular star chef. After the tragic death of his parents, he decides to move back to his old house in Seoha village. He meets a once-renowned fashion designer, Yoo Yoo-jin, who in an accident lost her memory and behaves differently.

9. My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes describes the story of three Yeom siblings, Yeom Chang Hee, Yeom Mi Jung, and Yeom Ki Jung, who wish to run away from their life uncertainty. They live in Sanpo village, where only a few people prefer to live. A mysterious man, Mr. Gu, comes to reside in their village, and due to his introverted era, he becomes the hot topic of the village, and the curious youngest Mi Jung decides to approach him.

10. Dr. Romantic 

Dr. Romantic describes the story of Boo Yong-Joo, a doctor who was once at the top of his field and worked in a renowned hospital. Due to a traumatic experience, he disappears and changes his name to Kim Sa-bu. He begins to work in a small hospital in Gangwon province and teaches young interns how to become real doctors.