Article: Top 10 Weddings Of Japanese Stars

Everybody loves a fairytale ending- be it in real life or on-screen. This is the main reason that the demand for movies and dramas is sky high, not to mention love songs. Even if you don't want a "happy ending" yourself, you can't deny that watching two people in love finally take the big step together doesn't make your heart swell a little bit. And it's even more adorable when it's two people that you never expected that end up together. Well, the wait is officially over. Without any further ado, here is a list of the Top 10 Weddings Of Japanese Stars that are guaranteed to make your heart melt. Enjoy!

1. Goto Maki

Maki Goto is a member of the famous Japanese girl pop idol group Morning Musume. This actress held her wedding ceremony in 2016 where she married an ordinary man who is three years younger than her. She was adorned in a breathtaking lace wedding gown with a pearl hairpin holding her wedding veil for the western part of her wedding.


2. Tetsuko Okihara

Tetsuko Okihara or Peco, famous for being a Japanese media personality and singer wed Ryuji Higa or Ryuchell in an adorable retro-themed wedding. They share heartwarming pictures of their wedding ceremony online and fans were quick to congratulate them on their big step together.


3. Ryōhei Kurosawa

Japanese pop star Akira from the pop band EXILE announced his marriage to Lin Chiling, a celebrated Taiwanese actress and model. They held the event in Taiwan and the reception was hosted at Tainan Art Museum for fans to give their wishes to the happily married couple in person. About 3000 people attended the illustrious event.


4. Masaki Suda

Nana Komatsu, a Japanese actress, and Masaki Suda, a Japanese singer recently revealed that they were now married! Fans were shocked naturally and bombarded the comment section with congratulatory messages and also fawning over their pictures and Nana's princess-like wedding look.


5. Miho Kannato

Another on the list of celebrity couples settling down, Miho Kannato married his beau and costar in The Castle of Crossed Destinies, Sakai Masato in 2013. Fans went in a frenzy when this on-screen couple decided to be an off-screen couple as well. They now have 2 children as well and are still blissfully married.


6. Takahashi Ai

The leader of the J-Pop girls idol group Morning Musume had a cute-themed wedding in Hawaii where she married Abe Koji, a famous comedian. The two were decked in white and made their vows to stay together till the end as guests watched, teary-eyed. Fans thronged on the internet to congratulate the newlyweds.


7. Rika Ishikawa

4th generation member of the girl group Morning Musume saw several celebrities come in for her wedding ceremony where she betrothed Ryoma Nogami, player of the Japanese baseball team, Yomiuri Giants. Fans were excited to get snapshots of the spectacle bedecked with several alumni including Ayumi Shibata and Nozomi Tsuji.


8. Yasuda Misako

2015 saw celebrity it-couple Yasuda Misako and designer Shimotori Naoyuki get hitched in an intimate ceremony with about 250 guests present to send their wishes personally. Guests reportedly received candles by candle artist Candle JUNE, who is also Hirosue Ryoko's spouse, as a parting gift from the couple.


9. Mirei Kiritani

Mirei Kiritani, celebrated television host and model got hitched to Miura Shohei, actor cum model. The model is reported to have won jewelry worth 150 million yen. Their reception was held in Tokyo. These two lovebirds met at the set of Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto, where they starred opposite each other.


10. Tomomi Itano

Tomomi Itoano, a former AKB48 member married her beau of a year and a half, professional baseball player Keiji Takahashi recently. Fans thronged to congratulate the pop icon and pictures of the traditional Japanese wedding went viral on the net. AKB48 also put forth their best wishes for the happily married couple online.