Article: Top Ten Most Powerful Korean Actresses

It is said that art is compelling, art is an expression of emotions. This is the reason why good actors are always appreciated and respected by the public. The Korean entertainment industry has some really good and fine talents, some of the Korean Actresses are not only known for their beauty but also for their powerful acting skills. These Korean Actresses has a huge fan following and have a reputation for being a great actor who can mold into any character. Here are the top ten powerful Korean Actresses. Keep on reading to check if your favorite Korean Actresses are mentioned in this list.

1. Jun Ji-Hyun

One of the most reputed actresses of the Korean entertainment industry, Jun Ji Hyun. Jun Ji Hyun has a reputation for molding herself into the characters she is assigned for playing. She is a veteran in this industry as she has been active for a long time and has played diverse roles over her long career and continues to do so. Her beautiful feature is only an advantage to her powerful acting skills.


2. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin is another Korean actress who is known for her beauty and acting skills. She is famous for acting in the melodrama genre and perfectly portrays her character. She has acted in several dramas and films and has established a solid fan following because of her acting skills.


3. Kim Go-Eun

Kim Go-Eun is one of the most talented actresses in the Korean entertainment industry. Kim Go-Eun has starred in multiple films and television series. She is known for her acting skills. Over her career, she starred in some very successful dramas, one of the most successful being Goblin, opposite Gong Yoo.


4. Bae Doona

When talking about powerful Korean Actresses, we cannot simply forget the powerful Korean actress Bae Doona. She is known for acting very complex characters, such as in the zombie drama, Kingdom and now the recently released The Silent Sea.


5. Kim Tae-Hee

Kim Tae-Hee is considered one of the most beautiful women in the Korean entertainment industry. However, she is not only a beautiful woman but also a very powerful actor. She has starred in many drama series and films over her long acting career. She has been working in the entertainment industry since 2000!


6. Ha Ji-Won

Ha Ji-Won is a Korean actress known for playing very diverse characters in each of her acting projects. She is especially known for her versatility as an actor and is a very powerful actress. Ha Ji-Won has starred in various popular films and television series.


7. Song Hye-Kyo

Anybody who watches Korean shows and films will hardly not recognize Song Hye-Kyo. Song Hye-Kyo is a very reputable actress and has earned the love and respect of the public due to her incredible acting skills which she has been showing the public since 1996! Song has done some of the iconic dramas of all time which are still being loved by the public.


8. Han So Hee

Han So Hee is a relatively newer face in the Korean entertainment industry. However, her duration in the entertainment industry is very irrelevant as she has proved herself to be a Powerhouse of acting. Over the few years, she has starred in multiple dramas and has earned appreciation for her great acting skills. Han So Hee has been gaining popularity at a rapid speed in the Korean entertainment industry.


9. IU

IU whose actual name is Lee Ji-Eun is known by the public as a singer and actor. She debuted as a singer and is one of the most popular singers of Korea, later she debuted as an actor. The singer-actor has improved her acting skills with each acting project. Currently, she is considered one of the most powerful actors in the Korean entertainment industry.


10. Park Shin-Hye

The last name on this list is Park Shin-Hye. She is a popular face in the Korean entertainment industry. Park had started her career as a child actor with some very popular Korean dramas and later established her career as a leading star as can be seen now.